Mexico Indepence Day

Greetings from Mexico,


This past month we celebrated Mexico’s Independence Day! September 16th is the day we celebrate Mexico’s Independence from Spanish Colonial rule. On this historic day, a Mexican Hero named Miguel Hidalgo made the famous “Cry of Dolores” (El Grito de Dolores) to motivate the people to revolt against the oppressive Spanish regime. The revolution was successful and a few years later on September 28th, 1821, Mexico’s Independence was finally declared.


Flash forward to the present day, we had no idea when we moved to Mexico over 13 years ago that we were moving into a vibrant rich culture that loved to celebrate and have Fiestas. It is true we are Americans, but God did not send us down here to plant an American church.  And glory to God the church we lead reflects our community and the culture surrounding  us. On September 16th  our church hosted a wonderful Independence Day celebration and I want to tell you all about it.


We started our patriotic party at the church in the early afternoon with numerous Mexican food booths. I can assure you that all of the cuisine, was delicious! (I know because I tried them all!) Another highlight was our popular Independence Day photo booth, complete with hilarious Mexican props. We even rented a Mexico cowboy and his mule to be in the pictures with us. Fun was had by all as we dressed up in classic Mexican clothing, huge sombreros and oversized macho mustaches to celebrate this fun and historic day. We later posted all of the photos on our church facebook page, and printed off a copy for each family to give to them as free gifts..


My sermon that evening focused on FREEDOM! Our church gave thanks that we live and minister in a country  (Mexico) that gives us complete religious freedom to worship Jesus openly and freely. I also reminded our congregation of the glorious freedom that we have as Christians in Christ. Jesus described that truth this way in John 8:36, if the son set’s you free, you will be free indeed!” When I presented the message of salvation at the end of the sermon, many of our visitors made first time professions of faith.



After the sermon we hired a professional Christian 8 piece mariachi band. Many of our best performers sang Christian classics accompanied by the live mariachis, and we had many of our young ladies decked out in traditional dresses while performing some beautiful cultural dances.


This patriotic program lasted till after 10pm, but the church remained packed until the very end because no one wanted to leave early and miss out on the festivities.  We ended the evening with a giant free fireworks show and we gave all of the children sparklers to play with. Our family had so much fun celebrating and having fun with our friends at the church.  We feel very honored that God called us to minister to these beautiful people in their amazing culture.


Finally, I can’t finish up a letter without once again thanking you for partnering with our family and ministry.  It is through your prayers that we are strengthened spiritually, and it is through your financial partnership that God provides for our needs. We are honored to serve as your missionaries.


Con mucho amor de Mexico,  (with much love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel


Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray that God will grab the hearts of the many that have been making first time professions of faith at the church!     
  2. Please pray that God will bless our next bilingual church plant. (Scheduled to be planted in early 2016 in a community south of us called La Mision)  
  3. Please pray that God would provide for the needs of our family.