Men’s Ministry at Arise Christian Fellowship

Kanyike Fam June 2015And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.  – 2 Timothy 2:2

Dear Friends and Family,


This month we saw the launch of the men’s ministry at Arise Christian Fellowship. As you may remember the church was started as a result of men from the market place coming to Christ.  The growth we have seen in such a short time is nothing less than miraculous, especially considering the back ground of most of these men.  As they have been learning the foundations of the faith at the market once a week and attending Marketplacechurch on Sunday the men have been developing an even greater hunger for God’s word and for more instruction on how to apply it.  On Sundays after church they could gather around Brian and ask questions and share testimonies for hours.

This past month Brian decided it was time to designate an evening that was just for the men.  He wanted a time where not only would the men receive teaching but would also have ample time to First meetingshare with one another and to learn how to apply what they have been learning to specific circumstances they may be going through.  Because of the men’s heavy work schedules, the have decided to begin with designating the 2nd Thursday of the month to the men’s fellowship.

Before the first meeting Brian did not know what to expect.  He did not know how many men would actually turn up, if they would be open and participate or if they would come just listen and then want to leave.  What happened was actually more than he ever expected.  28 men showed up, that is the majority of the men in our church.  He shared with them for just a short time then opened it up for discussion. No one held back, they all were sharing, asking questions, asking for prayer.  They began their   fellowship at 5:30pm and the last man left around 9:30pm.  Brian came back so fired up and encouraged himself with a vision that one day these same men, barely six months old in the Lord will be going out and planting churches, discipling others just as he is discipling them now.

Second MeetingThird Meeting







I have mentioned how drastically these guys’ lives have changed.  A testimony I would like to share with you is of a young man called Alex, aka Rasta.  When Brian first started going to the market Rasta would come around but most of the time he would be standing off to the side, heckling them as they tried to teach or would come stoned and wearing clothes with foul language all over it.

Rasta observing

Rasta (standing on the right) observing others getting saved

One Sunday he even showed up to church barely able to stand as he was so stoned.  That day he was actually sat next to Vicky Bentely who, despite his foul appearance, took time to talk and share with him. Many people, even some of the market guys, told Brian it was not a good idea to have him around because he was no good.  Brian felt that as long as he was coming he was hearing God’s word and Brian believed God’s word would not return void.

Rasta was given a new testament Bible and after that seemed to go from heckling to asking questions and the questions went from attention seeking to a real inquisitiveness. Then one day Brian laid out the gospel for the guys and asked who wanted to receive Christ. Rasta was one of the guys who responded.

Rasta accepting

Rasta (in blue cap on the right) accepting Christ.

Almost immediately after that Rasta disappeared.  We feared that he had given into his flesh and had not made a real commitment to the Lord.  After about 6 weeks he showed up at church.  When he came no one even recognized him.  He no longer had dreadlocks, he was sober and he was dressed appropriately.  He shared with Brian that right after he got saved he was arrested for a crime he had committed in the past.  Instead of getting Invitationdiscouraged he said he used the time to meditate on the things Brian had taught him and attended all the church services the prison offered.  He was literally a new creation in Christ.  One of the amazing facts about that day was that Vicky Bentely (who is almost always in Sudan) was there and he was able to share this testimony with her as well.

His living testimony has affected many people around him.  One young man who used to buy drugs from Rasta heard of the change in him and began coming to church to see how the word of God could be so powerful.  Rasta’s mom and Brother came to church one Sunday to meet Brian.  The Rasta and Brianmom said she had considered Rasta dead.  The family had tried so many things to help him and get him treatment but it had all failed and she and come to terms that he was no longer her son.  She said his conversion is truly a miracle in their family and that her son has come back to life, from death.  Meeting her was truly a moving experience.  Rasta, who now goes by his real name, Alex is a new creation,  a living testimony of God’s saving and transforming grace.  Currently Alex is making bracelets with the name of the church on them to give to visitors who come to Arise Christian fellowship.



Thank you for your prayer and support ofKanyike page 2

our family and the ministry in Uganda.

In Him, The Kanyikes


  • Praise the Lord for Destiny’s health.  Her surgery was successful and no further treatment is needed. Pray for her to continue to heal.

  • Praising  the  Lord for  the Students at ANTS.  They have completed their finals well and will be returning  to their home countries.  Pray for them as they return to have opportunities to put into practice all they have learned.

  • Continue to Pray that we would truly “Arise and Shine” the light of Christ in this dark place.

  • Continue to pray for the new believers at the church and from the market that they would remain strong in their faith and continue to grow to be  testimonies of God’s saving grace.

  • Pray for the upcoming outreaches we have planned for the summer and for those who will be participating in them.

  • Pray for Brian as he pastors and leads our ministry team. Pray for all the ministries and leaders.

  • Please prayerfully consider becoming part of the Kanyike Family support team.