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Being led forth in peace!


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Hi Everyone!

DSC_0307 (2)Words just cannot describe how honored and privileged we are for the Lord having chosen our family to reach more people with the Gospel message in Slovenia!Our first weeks here were truly blessed as we were welcomed by the Pastor and serving missionaries.Slovenia, a land where the Alps begin, full of beautiful lakes and enormous underground cave systems, with castles dating back to the 10th century, has a rich history of God’s Word on its soil yet is still listed number fourteen for countries that are considered “unreached” for the Gospel message.Join us fervently in prayer over the coming months as we step out in faith to make Slovenia our “home”.

DSC_0001_1Our move from Vese, Hungary to Celje, Slovenia was smooth.The church in Vese, and Kaposvar, Hungary sent out our family with warm blessings and prayers of thanksgiving over us for your time of service in both of these locations.Many were sad to see us go, but also they understood the calling the Lord has on our families’ lives and deeply appreciated our faith to step out in obedience to pursue the opportunity we will have in Slovenia to further share the Gospel message.

IMG_2687_1Pastor Ales and the church body in Celje, Slovenia welcomed our family with prayer! Michelle had the opportunity to teach preschoolers in Celje, Slovenia about “The Three Wise Men”.It was fun learning the Gospel message as they used their imaginations while walking in a pretend journey to present their hand wrapped gifts.The children with excitement arrived to see the best gift – Jesus!

SAM_0675_1Every Thursday please remember us in prayer as we travel to the small village of Razbor, Slovenia located about 50 minutes from Celje.This majestic family originated community is located on top of a mountain.To travel from Celje we follow a two-way road along the curves of the river.As we begin to drive to the top there are numerous sharp narrow twists and turns until you reach the peak and the house is literally right there at the side of the road with the barn just in front of the house on a steep hill.The beautiful view overlooks the entire lush green farming valley.

DSC_0312_1During the month of October we joined a team of students from the Bible College in Vajta, Hungary who served for a weekend in Celje. The weekend teams are such a vital part in encouraging the local church in assisting with spiritual and practical needs. Our family partnered with the team to minister to those in the church, plus in the surrounding community. On Saturday of the weekend, while part of the team walked along the river walking path and prayed over the city, the other half went to encourage folks in the retirement home in Word and song. Later that evening, Megan and Michael enjoyed having the team participate in the weekly youth group. The team leader gave an encouraging Bible Study while others provided uplifting guitar worship. Before the team had to head back to Vajta on Sunday evening, they helped us move into our new home in Celje.

DSC_0915Our family has joined the dynamic Celje Kids Club team! The club meets every third Saturday of the month. In October the team hosted a Kids Harvest Party! Michelle and Sam taught about the importance of prayer and living for Jesus while demonstrating this using hand motions and simultaneously carving a pumpkin face. While Megan and Michael were helping with games and crafts, Sam was cooking fresh roasted chestnuts on an open fire! The entire event was exploding with fun and laughter.

SAM_0566_1Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness and heartening participation in partnering with our family in reaching the people of Slovenia with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ! May we all be reminded to never give up and keep looking upward! It was in Isaiah 55 that Lord encouraged our family to do just this…“so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, BUT will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. You will go out in Joy and led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.” (verses 11-12)

With our deepest love and appreciation!

Samuel, Michelle, Megan and Michael

Praise and Prayers:

  • Praise: the move went well!
  • Praise the Lord for new open doors of service in Slovenia!
  • PRAY for Youth group and Fusion
  • PRAY for Slovene residency paperwork
  • PRAY for learning of the Slovene language


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