Massey Update October

Blessings from Pakistan! God is good; we all are fine here by your prayers and our Lord’s grace. Time runs so fast, can’t believe the year 2013 is almost ending. We praise our Lord that He did great things and important work in our lives and through our lives in this country during this year. We are always thankful for your prayers, love and support.

It took us longer than ever to post our ministry update, I (Nadeem) went to Thailand in August for one month for web development training with Tyler, a dear friend and brother who excels in that technology and has partnered with me in the ministry here in Pakistan for a long time. I really appreciated all that Tyler did for me and praise God for him. I learned very much during my time with him and look forward to using this new skill to get the Word of God out onto the internet for Urdu speaking people.

Since I’ve come back there was much to look after. Because of much rain this year there grew mold on our house walls, we needed to (re)start our weekly Bible studies at three different places, our plants needed my attention as my wife had not been well while I was gone and she could not take care of them. Overall, our kids’ mid-term exams started and they needed much attention and help for their study. Praise God all is done and life is normal again, Glory to our loving Lord and thanks to all of you who keep us in your prayers.


Two weeks before on September 22, 2013 two suicide bombers attacked a church in Peshawar city just after the Sunday Service as people were gathered in the church yard to greet each other. About 100 Christian men, women and children were killed in this attack and more than 150 were badly injured. This is very sad and heartbreaking, Many Christian families lost their dear ones while they had gathered to pray and worship in their Church.

While you may not hear of it in your news sources, hundreds of innocent Pakistani people die every other day because of such attacks. We want to request you to please pray for all the families of the Peshawar attack victims and please pray for whole country and every Pakistani to be under God’s protection. Pakistan needs peace and we pray that the Prince of Peace may bless and touch this region of the world.

‘My soul is bereft of peace; I have forgotten what happiness is; so I say, “My endurance has perished; so has my hope from the LORD.” . . . But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. “The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “therefore I will hope in him.” (Lamentations 3:17,18,21-24) Indeed, our hope must be in Him!


Our Village Bible Study “Through the Bible, verse by verse” was started in February 2013 in two villages. These Bible studies have been so effective and helpful for the people in those two villages. Now they have hunger and thirst for the Word of God and they are growing in Spirit. We praise God to see them growing as true Bible based Christians. Most of the people in the villages are nominal Christians, we thank God that through CC Pakistani Lord is preparing many in the villages who will help many other to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and be born again.

After learning about the effectiveness of our Bible studies, many people have asked us to start the group Bible study in our town. So now we have one group Bible study in our town as well. Besides this, Joseph Arif, a brother who assists me in this ministry has started two more group Bible studies in his area. He has been learning for a long time and I praise God that he is teaching the Word of God.


This is Calvary Chapel Pakistan’s new ministry for the Christian women of the villages. These women work in the fields and at the homes of wealthy non-Christians. They are looked down upon and often mistreated in many ways. We’ve been reaching different villages in the past in order to minister to Christian women of those villages but only a few ladies could attend as most of them work at their jobs throughout the day. By the time they return home they are exhausted and have much to do at home – they don’t have time for Bible studies and fellowship.

After much prayers and seeking guidance we came to the idea of establishing Sewing Centers in the villages to provide these Christian ladies a place, a platform where they can regularly gather, learn sewing skills which will be helpful for them to support their families in the future, and most importantly – be available for weekly Bible study and fellowship!

We’ve been praying for the provision for our first Sewing Center in one village and for two months we raised only a little of the funds that were needed. We praise God that last month, He miraculously provided enough through His wonderful and faithful people and now we are able to start our first Village Sewing Center. The Village Centers for women are going to be very helpful in so many ways. Please keep this all in your prayers!

Photos Farah and I show you here are from one of the villages she travels to in order to minister to the women there. You’ll see many precious children who are impoverished and unsupervised during the day because of the working requirements of their mothers. It is these families that we wish to help! To show you what we are working toward with the sewing machines and skill training, we’ve included a few photos here from another Pakistani ministry. We hope to be able to show you those of our own very soon!


Calvary Chapel Pakistan is paying special attention to the children’s Bible studies. Our brother Joseph Arif has been reaching 25 villages faithfully and is encouraging, equipping and building children of the villages in the Christian faith. As the parents are nominal Christians, children know very little about their Christian faith. They live as a small minority fully dominated and influenced by another religion, therefore, they are confused. Please keep Joseph Arif in your prayers, as he travels much on his motor bike to reach these far villages to see and teach these children. Please keep praying for this next Pakistan generation to be true Bible based Christians.


Christians in Pakistan are a small minority, and so many of them, mostly who live in villages are nominal Christians. They were born to Christian parents and identify themselves as Christians but know little about their own faith. Though Pakistani Christians have threats and dangers of persecution from outside, there is one great inside threat also increasing very fast. So many cultic movements are working devotedly in Pakistan and so much non-biblical study material, especially free magazine and books are circulating all around in Urdu language.

Poor simple Christians are being fed on free, non-biblical and spiritually unhealthy food of cultic teachings. We don’t have enough sound biblical study resources in printed form for our Pakistani Christians. We feel great need for the sound Biblical teachings and resources in Urdu language for our people. We have much material translated already and plan to translate much more, but we have never been able to print the books in Urdu language.

Recently a friend in Christ bought a web domain for this purpose and has shown great interest to promote this project. We will make all these resources free online when the website is up. We also have a Facebook page where we share our requests and information about this particular ministry ( You may visit and like it and pray for this.

We’ve received permission to translate and use Calvary Chapel Resources into Urdu language. We are also reaching and receiving permission from some great Bible Teachers and Scholars. Dr. Norman Geisler has given us permission to translate and use some of his wonderful books. We are very much thankful to him.

Recently we are praying to print a book by Pastor Chuck Smith entitle “Effective Prayer Life”. This book was translated in Urdu in 2006, but has never been printed. Please pray for provision and support so that we may print it soon.

Please pray that we may do further work on translation of new books and then print them in Pakistan to help, teach and equip Pakistani Christians with the Word of God and sound Biblical teachings.


The Lord has blessed us with a new laptop computer, and a 1.5 TB external hard drive full of terrific Christian resources. We are thankful to that brother who sent all these things for us from America. God bless him and his family. We were also blessed to receive the gift of the Logos Software I have been praying for! This is wonderful and very valuable for me in my studies and teachings. We are thankful also for Brent Johnson of Los Angeles, who hand-carried all the new equipment to me. You may not be aware, but I am unable to use some of the on-line resources, such as YouTube, for my learning. In Pakistan, we are blocked from some of these resources, so you can see how important the Logos Software is to me! Thank you to all of the precious brothers and sisters who have made it possible for me to have these wonderful gifts for the ministry here! God bless you!


We all are doing well by Our Lord’s grace. I’ve been busy with many things during last months, and praise God everything is in order as I am writing this to you.

Farah has been having difficulty with chronic health issues and we’ve been traveling to see a good doctor in the neighboring city. She returns again to the doctor this month. Please keep her in your prayers for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Despite her discomfort, Farah continues to stay busy with her studies of “Biblical Counseling” through the Calvary Chapel Bible College on-line study program. She is learning much. I am happy to see her reading books and gaining knowledge!

Our kids have midterm exams; soon they will be free from exams and will have a free whole week with the family. They are doing great in their studies and we are so proud of them. Our son Joshua is showing great interest to learn playing guitar, and we are trying to find ways to help him.

Once again we wish to thank you for your great love, prayers and all support for Calvary Chapel Pakistan. We love you and pray for you!

In Christ Jesus,

Nadeem & Farah Massey

Thank you so very much! We love you and pray for you daily. God bless and keep you.


Please pray for this ministry; it is so vital to the people of Pakistan and God is blessing it in a mighty way. The need is so great in Pakistan and the window of opportunity is still open. Nadeem, being a National, has access to the hearts and souls of Pakistanis that we could never have. If you would like to partner with us in this ministry, simply click on the blue/green tab to the right of this page which says “Become a Financial Partner”. If you prefer to donate by check, please mail it to Saving Grace World Missions, 17451 Bastanchury Rd., #203 Yorba Linda, CA 92886. It’s important to write in the Memo section of your check: “Massey Support”. Thank you!

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Thank you and God Bless you. Anna Hogan, US Representative for Nadeem Massey

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