Massey April Update

GREETINGS FROM PAKISTAN! Our ministry life is busy as always and we praise God for providing us safety while we are serving Him here. March was a really tough month as our very beloved Uncle passed away two days after his heart bypass surgery. On the very next day Farah had severe kidney pain and was hospitalized for a few days. She had two 6mm. stones in her kidney and was put on medication for a few weeks, We praise God that one stone passed through, however, one is still there. We are hoping that it too will get passed with the medicine. We are so thankful for all your prayers and encouragement we’ve been receiving!

We praise God for His grace which always encourages and keeps his servants steadfast in all kinds of situations. Though there is great uncertainty about everything – including life here – we are always sure of God’s grace and love. Please keep praying for peace in Pakistan and for the Home Churches and Bible Study Groups. Thank you.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY~ In just a few months we have seen great success of the women’s ministry – it has been very effective! Last November we started our first Sewing center and Women’s Bible study, and now Farah is giving weekly Bible studies to women at three different locations. Spiritual discipleship of women and children has been always neglected in Pakistan and we now see that this is one of the greatest aspects of Evangelism. Bible Teaching should never be neglected!

The women of the Villages love to worship the Lord. Notice their percussion instrument. The sound of His daughters’ voices must please the Lord on high

Unfortunately, this ministry is underfunded. And, it is becoming more difficult for Farah to continue traveling into deep and remote places without sufficient funds. Through this Newsletter, we hope you will see the need and pray about supporting this very effective ministry. Simply designate your donation to “Pakistan Special Projects” and your money will be used to teach the village women. Thank you.

Woman studying bible

Woman studying bible

One of the precious ladies who attend Farah’s Bible study reads the text aloud. They are full of passion to learn God’s Word and apply it to their lives

COUNTER-CULT SEMINARS ~ We began teaching about active Cults working within Pakistan about five years ago. It took a long time and a lot of teaching before people began to realize just how dangerous the teaching of these Cults actually are. Their awareness has grown and we are being invited to teach at many churches and seminars. We praise God that we are able to provide much information to the congregations in the form of teaching and printed material at no cost to the recipient. Please keep our financial need in prayer to produce these much needed materials.

Counter-Cult at Glory Ministries Mormonism

Counter-Cult at Glory Ministries Mormonism

Nadeem Massey warns of major cults working in Pakistan such as Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Brahmanism as well as counterfeit Christianity, new religious movements, the occult, and New Age Spirituality.
Counter-Cult Seminar

Counter-Cult Seminar

Nadeem was asked to present a counter-cult teaching on the error of Mormonism at the Glory Fellowship. The members will now be able to discern the error of Mormonism’s teachings and protect themselves and their loved ones and witness to those caught up in the cult.

FAMILY CORNER~ As shared above, Farah has not been well and she still is on medication for her kidney stones. Please keep her in your prayers. She is serving faithfully in the Women’s Ministry and I believe she may need someone to assist her in this Bible Teaching ministry in the future. Please keep praying for guidance and provision.

Our kids are doing great; they have been promoted in their grades and have started their studies of the new classes. Our co-worker Joseph and his family is also fine! Please keep us covering with your prayers always! God Bless You!


Love in Christ Jesus, Nadeem & Farah Massey [at home in Gujranwala]


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Note: We are a Christian Organization, however, we respect the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in which we live. Our purpose is to seek to evangelize & strengthen the faith of the millions of Pakistanis ‘born into’ the Christian faith.