P.M. and V.M. February Update

R.M. with Pastor T.’s family

Greetings to you in the glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ! We hope that the first month of 2014 went well with you.  The Lord has so much stored for us this year as we go forward we will keep exploring them and enjoying them in our lives.  The last month was very busy month for me.  I traveled a lot that exhausted me, but our God gave me strength.  I celebrated Christmas and the New Year in train.  On the first of January R.M. and I went to major city for R.M.’s visa interview. His interview went well. Praise the Lord!

He got his visa.  We had applied for two years visa but has been granted five years student visa.  We are so thankful to the Lord for opening a door for R.M. to go to Calvary Chapel Bible Collage to prepare him self for the ministry.

On 27th morning at 4 o’clock (our time) he flew for the States and reached to the States on 27th at 12:30 PM (American time).  He had never traveled alone and had never flown and had to switch planes at Dubai, therefore, he was nervous. But the Lord was with him and He took him there safely.

Celebrating R.M.’s birthday before he left for the States

We are so thankful to Pastor T. and his family who hosted him in their home for more than a week before he went to the bible collage.  God is so good how wonderfully He arranges the things for us.  Pastor T. and his family had been in our city few months back.  During their visit R.M. and Pastor’s sons had become friends that helped R.M. to feel at home at Pastor’s home in USA.  He enjoyed his stay with the family. We are also thankful to the body of Christ (Calvary Chapel Saving Grace Church) in Yorba Linda California that provided the things that R.M. needed for his bible collage. If you live in California or some times you happen to be there we would appreciate if visit him at the Calvary Chapel Bible Collage Murrieta.

Our SOM students are on their mission field for the practical work.  They are getting new experiences as the Holy Spirit opens the doors for them to share the gospel.  In a state of North India form where one of our students is, people are more open to the gospel. R.M. and his father are being used by the Lord in this place.  They are invited in many villages to preach the gospel. On Friday and Sunday they hold meetings at their home. For the Friday meetings and Sunday Service they come from far distance in hired jeep.

Deanna Carver, Pastor T. coming to pick up R.M. at the airport.

Such a large croud comes on Sunday that in one Service they don’t fit in the meeting place so they have two services.  First service begins at seven in the morning and people start coming from six a.m. and the second service begins at 11a.m.

It is our vision to train the local leaders to do the church planting in their regions. We hope to raise many leaders per year and reach out to many villages in three states of India at this point of time and in future if the Lord opens the door to reach out to more states we will do so. Thanks for your prayers and continued financial supports.  Though in January many of you have stopped your financial support, we don’t know if you did not give for one month or you have completely stopped your support. Please do not stop praying for us and the ministry in India.

God bless you!

Co-workers in Christ,

Pastor P.M. and V.M.