Martinez Update March

 Doing what she loves to do!We continue to praise God for His love, grace and mercy. His goodness definitely endures forever. As most of you know our little Rosemary was diagnosed with Lupus last October. Lupus is a disease in which the immune system attacks normal healthy tissues and organs, which includes skin, joints, kidneys, brain, heart, lungs, and blood. In response to some of your requests for an update on her condition I am pleased to inform you that her doctor has cut back on her medication due to the improved monthly blood tests. At the same time we are a little concerned about some aches and pains she has been having in her hand and leg. For the most part Rosemary has a great attitude and continues to lead worship and praise the Lord with all of her heart. Please, please keep our little Rosemary in your prayers.
Doing what she loves to do! It’s amazing how God answers prayer. When Rosalba was pregnant with Rosemary we would often lay our hands on her stomach and offer our precious daughter to the Lord, asking Him to someday raise her up to lead Our girls leading worshipothers in worship. Over the years we kind of forgot about those early prayers but the Lord didn’t. He was so faithful to answer our prayers by gifting and anointing her to lead the congregation in worship. We received a double blessing as He not only anointed Rosemary for worship but He also anointed our younger daughter Cristina. The Lord always goes above and beyond what we ask, think, or even imagine. I am so blessed as I often watch them, with tears in my eyes, leading the congregation into heart felt worship. My friends God does answer prayer!!! 
Our girls leading worship. As a father I am truly blessed to see my girls loving and serving the Lord. Cristina has a very unique teaching gift and our Sunday school director just informed me that Cristina is one of our best teachers we have (don’t tell anyone I said that). The Lord has blessed her with such creativity and the kids just love her so much. Cristina is about to turn 15 and instead of having a big party (Quincenera) she wants me to take her on a mission’s trip to Africa so that she can minister to children who are in great need. She wants to share the love the Lord has given her with them. 
Our little missionaryRosalba and I are doing very well. It was difficult for us when Rosemary was first diagnosed with Lupus. A stream of not so good memories flooded my mind. I remembered growing up and witnessing how much my oldest sister, also named Rosemary, suffered from that terrible disease. Her faith and love were so strong, I will always have fond memories of my big sister Rosemary, Still hanging tight!the one whose LIFE lead me to Jesus Christ! I will never forget you sis.
I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read this update, I love you. May the Lord Jesus Christ pour out His abundant love upon each and everyone of you.
In Jesus name,
Chris Martinez
Prayer requests:
1. For Rosemary’s health – we are fully trusting in the Lord
2. For the Lord to continue to work in and through our girls

3. For the Lord to grant Cristina the desire that is in her huge heart and to provide all that is needed to make it happen