Joyfully Spreading the Word of God

The family who gave their home for us to use as a church!

It is very joyful for me to serve in spreading the Word of God!  Really, it is an honor and a blessing for me. From my heart, I would like to thank everyone who helped us financially to repair our worship place! May God bless you all abundantly! Now, more people are coming and we have sufficient places for people to sit. On the left is a photo of the family who gave their home for use for our church. Please continue to pray for this family.

   I have discussed with this family about making an agreement to allow us to use the building for our church for up to 25 years. The family has told me that they have given this place for our church’s ministry for as long as God has planned. They said they are even ready to donate some land for the ministry! I would like to ask you to especially pray for this family, that they will stand firm in their faith.Villagers banned them from all village activities because of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Another house church that has started!

 We also have another small house church (picture to the right). Some new believers are coming, and God is doing miracles!
   Pray for me, that I will be faithful toward my ministry and my leaders, and that I can learn how to believe in God’s amazing provision!
   It is very joyful to serve and spread the Word of God. Really, it is an honor and a blessed work.
D.K. and Family