His Legacy Lives On

Where has the time gone?! It was a midnight in January when I sat on my bed unable to sleep and typed up this update. Now here we are the first of March and I’m finally getting this update posted. Unfortunately, not much has changed from January until now- the beginning of March. The update on our construction and our family is mostly the same! But before I get into an update, there is a story I wanted to tell:

It has previously been told how and why my family started this new chapter in our lives. What has not been told is the very beginning of how our beginning started. I want to write a tribute to the man who’s legacy we now carry on.

The beginning starts a long, long time ago with a man named Kurien who loved the Lord and committed his life to serving Him. Kurien had many children and often lived in poverty, but the Lord was faithful to him and provided him with a vast amount of land and favor with the king of the land at that time. This faithful man of God used the land to bless the local people and make the Lord’s name known to a people who had not yet been reached with the Gospel.

As the decades passed, the land eventually became desolate. Faithful Kurien however never ceased to pray. He asked the Lord to send laborers into this harvest field to continue the work he once started. Jump forward to 2017 when our family moved into his old home and started overseeing the re-construction of his desolate land. Now well into his 90’s, this faithful old man got to hear with his ears the good things the Lord had in store for his land. More importantly he saw with his eyes our family who has committed to take up the work and fulfill the prayers he prayed.  Unfortunately for us, our prayers for his life to be extended so he could see the new life in his land and bless the start of this new work-  was denied. On a Sunday evening in mid-January Kurien finished his race and went from seeing dimly as through a glass mirror, to now seeing clearly and understanding perfectly all the Lord has in store. God was faithful to him, and Kurien has now experienced all the promises of God being fulfilled in his life.

We praise the Lord for the legacy set before us by this God-fearing man. It is amazing to look back and see how the Creator of the Universe orchestrated so many details and so many individual lives in order to bring about answers to this man’s prayers after so many years. All glory to God and praise for His marvelous works!


Ministry Update
Due to set-backs and delays since the very beginning of our construction, the contractor was not able to meet the deadline for completion. We were forced to contact our students and ask them to arrive 2 months later for the start of the semester. We are very encouraged by the progress of the work and the shape everything is taking, but there are still many details to be completed.   The staff houses are also several weeks out from being completed. One staff member and another staff family arrived in January and thankfully were flexible enough to be welcomed into our home and become a part of our family during this transition.  February brought more transitions for everyone as we needed to vacate the house (where all 10 of us were staying) to make room for Kurien’s children to come celebrate his life and mourn his death. Everyone went different directions across the country and has each had unique struggles.  For our family, my husband has been travelling every week of February between our temporary location and the compound to oversee construction. Our son has struggled with dad’s continuous change of schedule and has started a new phase of waking up at night screaming for daddy for the first few days he is gone. It’s been emotionally difficult for mom, on top of being without a proper kitchen to cook healthy food or a comfortable bed during third-trimester aches and general uncomfortable-ness. It has been a season of setting our eyes on things above, and keeping our focus on what the Lord is doing in this season, rather than the inconvenience of circumstance.




Family Update

Our son continues to grow in independence and adventure. He runs more than walks, is figuring out new things every day (which is both good and bad!) and knows how to communicate what he wants without actually saying real words! He is definitely the joy and laughter of our days. Mom has started the third trimester of pregnancy with the youngest sibling and battles fatigue while caring for the home and keeping up with the seemingly endless energy of her oldest child.  Dad is busy managing 100 different tasks related to both the construction, the home and the family. There is a lot of mental and emotional pressure as well as physical exhaustion, but we praise God for His grace and sustaining strength! Now into March mom and son will be moving to the main city to prepare for the birth. This will be a good move to have a routine, healthy diet, exercise, regular prenatal check ups and no more travel. However, it will also be difficult living without a husband and father until the baby arrives. Please keep our family in prayer this month as we start this new phase.



  • Please continue to keep my husband’s Green Card process and financial provision in prayer. The timeline is up to us as we just need to start submitting documents, but have had difficulty with this process as we’ve been travelling the last 2 months, had computer malfunction issues and have had no internet connection for the computer.  Praise God for the provision of a new computer as well as stabilized internet this month!
  • We are continuing the process of raising funds to build a home inside our compound. We trust that the Lord will provide in His time and through those He desires to use. It was suggested to us to broaden our efforts in making known are need, but we are unsure about how to go about that practically. Please pray for wisdom in taking practical steps for fundraising, and also for the Lord’s timing, and for our family to be aligned in the Lord’s will for all these things.  Looking to the future brings fear at the thought of having a toddler and newborn and not having a place to set up home or having daddy travelling back and forth from the compound to wherever we are able to stay. But we know the Lord loves us and has never failed to provide for us or protect us in uncertain times. So we ask in faith and believe with boldness that with the Lord no lack of finances or time frame for building will separate us from his Love and care! Please pray with us in these things.
  • Please pray for my 11 year old niece who was diagnosed with an incurable cancer in January. She has a long road of surgeries and battles in order to live a ‘normal’ life. Pray for our family as world’s have been turned upside down with this sudden and unexpected news.


Thank you for your faithful prayer and support for our family. The Lord has been good to us and we give thanks to Him for all who uphold us and stand with us in this journey!

The Baby Family


Music lover

Outside is his favorite place. Dirt is his favorite toy.