Helping Share the Gift of Jesus Across the World


A Land Trapped In Darkness

In a country we work within South Asia, animal “gods” (cows, monkeys, rats, snakes…) eat or destroy many of the crops; cause horrible, deadly disease; and together kill over 47,000 of their worshipers every year. For the people who daily bow down to these and other false gods, literally gods of death and destruction, it is almost inconceivable that there is a God who actually loves them.

Imagine only knowing of these gods who bring fear, harm, and death. Then, one day you hear of and embrace the God of love! It changes everything! It changes the way you get up in the morning, what you eat, who you eat with, what jobs you are willing to get, and the way you wash your dishes. Absolutely everything! He gives you a reason for living. As one national pastor, who we personally know, recently put it, “Now I am happier than anyone can imagine! Jesus loves me. He saved me and gave me eternal life!”
We praise the Lord each time we hear of the wonderful change that God is making in hearts and lives all over India, through the ministry that God has mercifully allowed us to be a part of.


The SGWM pastors and missionaries have many needs—supplies for outreaches, help with Bible school class scheduling, to find safe locations for church services, etc. God has given us the opportunity to help in these very practical and real ways. We are in regular contact with the Indian pastors and Saving Grace World Mission’s home office. We have immersed ourselves in helping the Nationals have the materials they need for ministry; letting people here know their needs and how to pray for them, and finding and implementing ways to prevent and protect the South Asian ministers of God from dangerous persecution. It is such a blessing to share in the South Asia pastors’ families’ joys and sorrows, write newsletters, implement internet security, work with finances, and maintain websites. We are awestruck that God has made a way where there seemed to be no way! We are able to still minister to the very people who God allowed us for years to live side by side with and share the Gospel of Jesus with! And, God continues to bring more and more fruit!

Praise the Lord for Baby Rose!

When Jana and Paul were brought to the high-risk pregnancy center after Jana’s ultrasound, doctors explained how Rose’s stomach was in her chest. None of us knew what to expect.
We prayed while Baby Rose was immediately put on life support when she was born at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. We pleaded with God for her safety as the doctors explained, after a 4-hour surgery, that her condition was much worse than they thought. We begged God for her life as the nurses counted how long her heart had quit beating and started calling an emergency “code blue”.
We can not put into words how thankful we are to God! Though we are told Rose can easily end up back on life support in the hospital if she as much as gets a cold; many doctors have now exclaimed to us that she is the healthiest baby they have seen with her condition. Her pediatrician calls Rose “Miracle Baby”!
Rose now knows how to shake a rattle and touch her toes! She loves her little singing train. She rolls all around on the floor. Her physical therapist thinks she is doing quite well.
We thank God for each day we have with her. Praise God for his faithfulness! Please keep the whole family (Paul, Jana, and Sari, Kaylee and Rose) in your prayers, as a baby in Rose’s condition is extremely fragile for the first 2 years of life.



People Coming to Know Jesus as their Savior!

A talented village drummer, Anil, (right) told an SGWM pastor, Rakesh, about the demon-possessed priests grabbing and throwing him while he played for their idol worship. It was a cry for help. Pastor Rakesh shared the Gospel with Anil, and he quickly accepted! Anil immediately read the Bible he was given. How overjoyed we are, as we also remember the change we saw in pastor Rakesh when he gave his heart to the Lord while we were in South Asia! Praise the Lord for the salvation of Anil and so many others!

Christians Staying Strong in Persecution!

Pastor Pradeep’s church was repeatedly broken up by a father beating and dragging his teenage daughters from the church. Though it is now too dangerous for them to come to church, they are able to sometimes worship the Lord and study the Bible with the SGWM pastor and other believers in places like the woods (above). We are working to help Pastor Pradeep be able to rent a safer place to have his church. Praise the Lord for their and others’ zeal for the Lord in spite of persecution!

Increased Strength!

God is so faithful—Joni has now regained enough strength that she has been able to teach children at a Bible club and speak in churches about what God is doing in South Asia! God has used her and Jana to inspire others. One lady exclaimed, “Your testimonies have encouraged me so much! Now I realize that even though I can’t do the ministry I used to do in the same way, I shouldn’t give up—God can still use me in that same ministry in amazing ways.”


Thank you so much for all you have given to help us with the ministry in South Asia that God was so gracious to allow to happen! The work going on there is such a miracle and is multiplying incredibly. Praise God!


We have now met 25% of our support goal of $2,000 a month! To be fully supported we are still in need of $1,500 each month. Joni especially needs support because her transferred funds are getting low–unless God intervenes, her funding will run out in a few months. Thank you again for your faithful prayers and support that have meant so much to us!
God bless you!
Jana and Joni