He Answers Prayer

As I look back on the past month, one of the things I see again and again is answered prayers—my own and others around me. I don’t have space to share them all, so I will share those in answer to last months prayer requests.

I found an apartment!  I will get the keys next week and have a few weeks to put the apartment together before I move in at the end of August.  God so graciously answered this prayer in every way–the cost, location,  a kind landlady, and even such a small detail as “white walls.” I am excited to soon begin making it “home” and settle in there for as long a season as God will have me there.

I now have a language teacher who I meet with 3-4 times each week. She’s amazing! This has been a two-fold answer to prayer, as it has provided both further help with language learning and the opportunity to begin building a new relationship here in the Pécs. After our last lesson this week, she invited me to have a cup of tea and we ended up spending another hour chatting. I left so encouraged and amazed at God’s provision of a teacher who I can learn from and also hopefully build friendship with. God is so kind. There’s something about knowing and being known that is so right and good. It’s a reflection of our deepest need to know and be known by God, and evidence of how God has made us for meaningful relationships. I am seeing this with fresh eyes as I experience the sweetness of growing friendships in a new place. Praise God that He has given us this gift of relationships!

Outside of language study, God has been answering this prayer for building relationships in other ways as well. In the few weeks before they left for a visit to the states, I was able to spend a lot of time with the pastor family I serve alongside here. Here’s a photo from a birthday celebration I had with their sweet Lizzie. She’s a fellow art lover and we celebrated with a fun-filled crafty afternoon! I’m not sure who had more fun.. me or her! 😀

Last week I was able to have a few international students over for a “girl’s night,” it was sweet connecting with them through games and conversation. I love how God has brought the nations to our doorstep here. It’s incredible to be together in one room with people from different tribes, nations, and tongues. Hungary, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya,…

As I meet and connect with more Hungarians and more of the international community here, I am struck anew by the vast opportunity and need. At times I see the great need and wonder, “where do we even start?” And then I’m reminded, this is God’s work. We must look to God, “who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Tim. 2:4). It is need too great for man, but not too great for God. Where to start?   With prayer.

Prayer for each and every day, for God’s wisdom and leading in the things in front of us today. Prayer for the multitude, that God will pour out His Spirit on hearts and draw many to Himself. Prayer for the ONE, that God will heal and comfort and restore and save the one. Prayer for God’s guidance and help today, and for a mighty work of His Spirit.

I am ever thankful for your prayers for God’s work here in Hungary! They are not in vain. Would you continue to pray for me as I continue forward in life here, for the church to be strengthened and built up in the love of Christ, and for hearts to encounter the goodness and grace of God? 

I thank God for you! Do you have any prayer needs? I would love to hear from you and be able to pray for you.

Much love in Christ,

Brenna Lynn