Havard Update ~ When God Provides for a Ministry

When God Provides for a Ministry

As long term missionaries we are constantly examining God’s calling and looking for confirmations that the vision we are following is His and not ours. Pastor, author and Bible commentator John MacArthur states “You will know God’s will by the confirmations He provides you and your ministry”. If that is true than Mary and I were correct in hearing the vision to come alongside Dr.’s Juventine and Elizabeth Emuku in the development of a new state of the art hospital and the planting of a new Calvary Chapel in Soroti, Uganda. The last year has provided so many clear confirmations for this ministry, but during the last 60 days we have seen firsthand the tremendous provisions God can make when He is behind that ministry. Mary and I just had to write you all this newsletter to include you, our partners, in the blessings the Soroti ministry has received this month.

As you all know and have been praying, we have been asking God for the personal support for Dr. Juventine and his family, the funds to complete the construction of the hospital, purchase all the medical equipment, find the funds to ship the equipment the 12,000 miles from the U.S. to Soroti, fund the purchase of land for our new church plant and for the construction funds to build a church building. This seemed like an insurmountable task for the four of us to accomplish…and it was, but not for God.

Well…He just delivered it all.

In the month of June, God provided the monies to purchase the hospital equipment, the funds to complete the first two phases of construction for the hospital buildings, provided financial support for Dr. Juventine and his family, provided support from several Calvary Chapel churches in the U.S. to construct our church plant in Soroti and provided the transportation monies to send the container of hospital equipment to Uganda.

When God provides He does it big.

Mary and I will never again question the vision that sent us to Soroti. God may move us somewhere else in the world, but there is no doubt that Soroti was His first stop for our ministry. Confirmations are nice when you are lying in bed awake at night wondering if you were really following God’s path. Mary and I are sleeping well these days. We know that difficult times and tests are just around the corner but God has put the Soroti ministry on solid ground. We will always remember June 2013.

For those of you who have been providing financial support and prayers you have been a big part of this success. I want to encourage you to continue to support this ministry as we need more containers of medical equipment, more hospital facilities and buildings as well as support for the church as it grows in this, the fastest growing city in Uganda. Mary and I are meeting every day with small groups of missionaries and local church members dissatisfied with the church options in Soroti. If we opened the doors today we would have an estimated 50 people in the service. Soroti is ripe for a Bible teaching church and Calvary Chapel should meet many of those needs.

We thank you for your support and ask you to pray for a safe journey of our medical equipment container as it sails from the Port of Los Angeles on July 12th to arrive in the Port of Mombasa, Kenya 55 days later. A short two day trip over land will put it in the hospital compound the first week in September.

God Bless,

Doug & Mary