Havard Update September


Ecclesiastes 3:1

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven”.

August 2013 has been a season for new beginnings and a time for settling into our new home, newly planted church, completion of our new hospital and establishing new friends in the town of Soroti. These seasons have been very rewarding and at the same time challenging. Building a 100 bed hospital has been far more challenging than Mary and I had expected. The Ugandan governmental approval process has been tiring and at times disappointing. But as soon as we all went to prayer the challenges disappeared and solutions we had not envisioned became a godly reality. We still have many difficult times ahead but we now understand that this ministry has been blessed by God from day one and He will not give up on our challenges. So here’s what has been happening the last month in Soroti, Uganda:

Calvary Chapel Soroti

We have just completed our 4th weekly Sunday service in the lobby of the soon to open hospital. We are seeing attendance in the area of 25 worshipers as Pastor Juventine Emuku teaches through the book of John. Our Wednesday evening service has focused on the discipleship of the basics of our faith which has been a review for our longtime believers and a wonderful teaching opportunity for our new members. We are praying that God will lead us to a piece of land where we can build our new church in the area near the hospital compound. Once we find the property we will be praying for His direction on either building or placing a tent while the church begins to grow.

Bethesda Hospital Soroti

The hospital is nearly complete. The building are finished, the plumbing and electrical is done, the painter has begun the final touches and all the furniture has been purchased and is being shipped the first week of September. The long awaited medical equipment from Giving Children Hope, Buena Park, California will land in the Port of Mombasa on September 19, 2013 and should be on the hospital compound by September 25th. Our prayers for a late 2013 opening is well on pace and we give God the glory for knocking down so many doors in order to make this possible. We are looking for a dedication ceremony sometime in the first quarter 2014.

Our Ministry

Our ministry has been a blessing and a huge growth opportunity for us as we have spent most of 2012 and all of 2013 working with Dr. Juventine to plant CC Soroti and to plan and complete the hospital. We have had the opportunity to share and develop relationships with many of our neighbors and local Ugandans. Living in Soroti, we understand the day to day challenges faced by the people as they struggle to provide school fees for their children, worry about the lack of rain that is ruining their crops, and the corruption and inefficiency of governmental services. We have learned that to be an effective missionary for God’s work in Uganda we have to spend time listening to the people, providing discipleship and praying with them for the provision of their needs. We spend hours everyday meeting face to face with the people God brings to us and we believe that we get as much out of those moments as they do. Our charge since we arrived in Uganda was to fly to Uganda and love the people. No big list of tasks that would keep us busy but also draw us away from the people. We have learned to move when God moves and stay when He stays. The last twenty months have gone by so fast that we are amazed. By the time we depart for our furlough home to Southern California in December 2013, we will have seen God use us to reach those that He has destined for us to meet and the completion of the projects that He used to bring us to Uganda.

We will be home in 90 days and look forward to meeting with all of you so we can express our love and appreciation for your financial, emotional and prayer support. Seeing our children and granddaughter will be our first step as we need to hug that 4 year old who has grown so much during the past year.


4 year old Sophie with Riley our beautiful Lab that passed away during our mission.

God bless you all and keep praying that the container gets off the ship and to our hospital compound safely.

Doug & Mary