Havard Update July

The Bethesda Hospital Medical Equipment Sails Today

Blessed supporters,

Thanks to you the long awaited Bethesda Hospital, Soroti medical equipment is sailing from the Port of Los Angeles today for a 55 day trip to the port of Mombasa, Kenya. Upon arrival in Mombasa the container will be unloaded for its trip across Kenya to the Uganda border. After an inspection it will travel four hours to Soroti and with the help of a large crane that will travel 10 hours from Kampala, it will be off loaded at the hospital and the unpacking and set will begin for an October dedication and grand opening.

It is all of Mary and my supporters who are receiving this newsletter that made this blessed event happen. Through God’s help, it is your financial support and prayers that raised the money for the container $5,000, the shipping to Africa $12,000, the trip from Kenya to Soroti $5,000 and the cost of the crane from Kampala $4,000. That is a total of $26,000 in shipping and $25,000 in equipment acquisition fees for a grand total of $51,000 raised for the hospital and YOU donated it all.

Loading-11As the container left the Giving Children Hope headquarters in Buena Park, California there was a nice send off from GCH and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa pastors. From left to right the first five are the container packing team from GCH: Sean Lawrence, GCH Executive Director, Pastor Jim Ennis Soroti Ministry/U.S. point person, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Mission Pastor Phil Twente and finally Peter Karl, GCH logistics director. The container shipped last week to the Port of L.A. and the ship leaves today.

Please do not give up your support now as we have the most vital equipment needed to open the hospital but we need one or two more containers before we can call Bethesda Hospital, Soroti a state of the art facility. Please help use reach the next $51,000 goal.

Mary and I wanted you all to see the send off as YOU made this happen with the help of God. We give Him all the glory and pray that He will keep all the equipment safe during it’s travel across the world. Please pray with, Mary, me, Dr. Juventine and Dr. Elizabeth that this shipment arrives safe and will be used to change people’s lives both physically as well as spiritually.

God Bless,

Doug & Mary