Havard Update April



“You are most welcome” is a typical greeting here in Uganda and says a lot about the warmth and friendliness of the people. Like Priscilla and Aquila who took Paul into their home, Sr. Pastor Juventine & Elizabeth Emuku have sheltered us, fed us both physically and spiritually and prayed with us as we seek God’s will. We are so blessed to be able to come alongside them to support God’s work in Midigo and Soroti.

In Midigo, we have been busy getting to know the people and the culture. One person we have had many conversations with is Rabet, the daytime security guard at the compound. He was at one time a very prominent Muslim businessman. However, God captured his heart and upon becoming a Christian lost his business and family. Annette is a nurse who came with Dr. Juventine when he began his medical ministry and planted a church in Midigo. She has shared much about how God began His church in Midigo and has taught me much about the power of prayer. Pastor John has recently planted a Calvary Chapel in Kabala. He told me that on one visit before moving there he met a crazy woman on the street. He talked to her and prayed for her. Weeks later when he returned many in Kabala were talking about how God healed the woman who was no longer crazy. Thanks to God’s grace this new church now has 20 members and is growing.

Doug delivering the Easter Message CC MidigoDoug had the honor of being asked to deliver the Easter Sunday message. God blessed the message and three people came forward for prayer. It was the only service that Sunday so Richard, headmaster at the school, had to interpret everything into Lugbarra. Doug was also able to use some of our photos from previous trips to Israel to show places referred to in the scriptures. In addition, Doug has been working with Dr. Juventine on completing Phase 2 of the Soroti hospital and construction of a tukul on the grounds for us to live in while we are there. (Picture: Doug delivering the Easter Message CC Midigo)

Doug is also becoming a proficient driver on very challenging Ugandan roads. He drove a team from Midigo to the outreach in Kabala on Friday of Easter week. It was a two hour drive both ways on a dirt road that was very rough and filled with potholes. If that wasn’t difficult enough, the road was crowded with Catholic processions, motorcycles, bicycles, people, chickens, cows, and goats. The Outreach was wonderful! Many members of the church went and stayed the four days. Teams did hut to hut evangelism, marketplace evangelism and set up a stage for a concert and teaching every day beginning at 4:00 p.m. While there, Doug had an opportunity to share and pray with 6 policemen. I was able to share with the women waiting for transport outside the church. God touched hearts and Pastor John said the church in Kabala that Easter Sunday was filled to overflowing. Please keep Pastor John and the Calvary Chapel, Kabala, in your prayers.

CC Midigo Primary School Headmaster Richard holds first aid kits In Midigo, I have had the privilege of working with headmaster, Richard to provide supplementary materials for school improvement. Thanks to your support, I was able to provide “Story Cloths” for each classroom and the Sunday School. Story Cloths are made out of material which will not tear or become ruined if wet and have pictures from the Bible in chronological order. The Old Testament pictures are from creation to Elijah and the New Testament pictures portray the life of Jesus. I was able to share with each teacher strategies on how to use these in the classroom for instruction, reinforcement and review. I was also able to provide first aid kits and cloth world maps. Lastly, I have been asked to provide teacher inservices.   (Picture: CC Midigo Primary School Headmaster Richard holds first aid kits)    
CC Midigo Primary School teacher Charles holds up a story clothThank you for all your love, prayers and continued support. God has truly been faithful in answering them. We have also been blessed by your e-mails and texts even if we have difficulty responding to them. (Picture: CC Midigo Primary School teacher Charles holds up a story cloth)