Greetings from Uganda!

I have officially been in Uganda for a little over 2 weeks! The first half of my trip was incredible as I served alongside a team from CC West Grove.

Our team standing in front of Lake Victoria!

Together, we saw, heard, and experienced things we would have never imagined. We were able to update Promise Child profile cards, help host a women’s conference, and do ministry in Camp Bidi Bidi, one of the world’s largest refugee camps.
Here are a few highlights from the ministries we were part of:

Promise Child Profile Card Updates

While interviewing children for Promise Child, a child sponsorship program, we got an idea of how the children’s lives are in the villages. There were many moments of grief as some children shared about tragedies in their families and about various sicknesses they had. But despite that, there was also a huge realization that there truly is hope in Christ!

Through this amazing program, all the children learn about Jesus and are able to have an opportunity to excel in life as they receive the best education possible.

During the interviews, we were also able to minister to, pray for, and share the Gospel with all the children since some of them are Catholic or Muslim. I was even able to witness a few of the children come to Christ! It was absolutely beautiful!

I was so encouraged by the fact that God has used ministries like Promise Child to care for these precious children who would otherwise be forgotten.

Discipling the Nations

We were extremely blessed to be apart of hosting CC Midigo’s very first one-day women’s conference!

The conference theme was discipleship and was filled with times of amazing worship, teachings, small groups, and testimonials of how discipleship has impacted our lives. During the conference I had the privilege of leading a few small groups and sharing a 5 minute testimony of how the Lord has used discipleship to change my life!

Leading small groups

Sharing about how discipleship has changed my life.

I was also able to pray with a few women afterwards and encourage them to stay strong in the Lord!

This event definitely ignited a fire in my heart to be involved in discipling the nations, starting at home and to the ends of the earth!

Camp Bidi Bidi, Refugee Settlement

Camp Bidi Bidi was definitely one of the most emotionally difficult places to minister in. Here, people from neighboring countries, such as South Sudan, have found a safe haven in what seems to be an endless camp of people who have fled for their lives, lost loved ones, and endured the most traumatic experiences. Our main ministry in the camp was to encourage the believers by going hut to hut, sharing whatever Word of encouragement the Lord put on our hearts, and praying for them.

After hearing some of the stories of my brothers and sisters in Christ, there were moments of shock and deep sorrow. I thought to myself, “What can I possibly share with these people that have been through the worst things imaginable!?!?” I honestly felt hopeless. But it was in that moment, that the Lord clearly spoke to me; “My Word is truth regardless of what circumstances people are in. My Word is powerful and it is all you need!” Since then, I truly have a different view of how powerful God’s Word is.

Despite the grief that these people have endured, they have clung to God’s Word. They have found their joy in the Lord. They have found hope in eternity. They have strong faith that isn’t based on circumstances. They have truly impacted my life.

I cannot even fully put into words what the Lord has taught me during this past month. I have never been so emotionally crushed by the sufferings in this world yet at the same time, I have never experienced how real and powerful God is until now. He is aware of the sufferings that people endure. He is moving mightily in the most remote places. He is using the darkness to shine forth His light. He is bringing beauty from the ashes.

This trip has been an amazing and gracious gift from the Lord and it isn’t even over yet! I am currently in Kampala with our missionary family, the Kanyike’s, and will continue to do ministry with them until August 30th. The Lord is continuing to move in my heart and I look forward to sharing more of the rest of my trip later on!