Gray Update Oct

We left Florida on October 1 four years ago. Though we miss being close to family and friends, all we can say is that God has been faithful and that He is good. Thanks so much for your prayers and support.

oct4 We’ve been here long enough now to see students graduate and get married who didn’t know each other before they came to the college. I think there have been six or seven already. We get to see them when they meet and start liking each other. The tradition at the school is that they walk around the soccer field and talk and get to know each other, usually after lunch. That’s the sign that something is going on. Then a couple of years later we get invited to a wedding and get to witness them saying their vows. The weddings are so different here. It usually starts at 3:00pm, we don’t leave until 10:00pm, and it’s not usually over then, we’re just tired and ready to go home.

oct2We went on a weekend ministry trip with twenty seven of the students to Tijuana. What a great time it was. We spent the night at two of the students parents house. It was a good time Friday night with food, singing praise songs, worshiping, and praying. Most of the team was up late talking and spending time with each other. We worked at the Calvary Chapel Tijuana in the morning. There was a lot of cleaning, painting, and other work to do both inside and outside the church. I helped cleanup outside and painted stripes in the parking lot. Tijuana is a big city of 2 million people and the church is located right across the border from the US. It’s in a very rough part of town. We found several discarded needles from drug users as we were sweeping and cleaning outside. Pilar helped serve lunch at the women’s Bible study that was meeting that morning. It was neat because she had let the pastors wife borrow a Beth Moore study on James she had used in the past and they were using that material for the study.

Oct1Saturday afternoon the College students planned an outreach with a church that the Tijuana church started in Pedregales. It is in one of the neighborhoods in Tijuana. There was a time of worship, Bible teaching and several of the students gave their testimonies. It was such a blessing seeing them share and use the gifts they have with others.

As we weroct5e driving in to the church we could see the San Diego skyline off in the distance. It was such a contrast, the two places were so close and yet so different in so many ways. Like two different worlds -culture, language, countries that are just so different. It made me appreciate all the more how God has created us all so different and yet He loves each of us the same.

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