Good Times in Ministry and a Visit with Our Son

P.M. Preached at this Christmas Program among New Believers


Praise the Lord!  He has given us another year to take the Gospel to the lost souls.  The Lord was so faithful to see us through, throughout the year 2017.  One month of this New Year has passed, and we all are experiencing God’s grace each day.

I was invited to preach in two churches for Christmas.  I chose to go to a small church where all the believers are first generation believers.  I was asked to teach the Word for two hours.  It was so surprising that they all sat quietly to learn the Word. I taught for one and a half hours.  Even though Christian workers and believers are persecuted here now and then, people are still yielding their lives to Jesus.  We enjoyed worshipping the Lord with these brothers and sisters.


Our son, R. M.’s Birthday

Our Son’s Birthday Cake

   R.M., our son, came for a month to help in the Pastors Training School.  One day V.M. was sick, and I had to take her to the doctor. Because of this, R.M. went to the PTS alone.  In the evening, while he was driving back home, he was in an accident.  He banged the car against the concrete wall (a one and a half foot high concrete wall made in the middle of the road to divide it).  While you are driving in South Asia, you come across so many surprises (a huge hole in the middle of the road, a motorcycle coming from nowhere, cows andand many other obstacles without any warning). He was not familiar with the road and could not see the wall as very bright lights from another car coming toward him blinded him.  The car was badly damaged, but he was safe. Praise God! He kept R.M. safe in this car accident.

Chicken Coop we helped build at our fellow workers house

     In our co-worker D.K.’s house, we have made a chicken coop to help him financially.  We bought 34 baby chicks. Now two months later, they have grown up and next month they will be ready to be sold. None of them are hens; they are all roosters. We would like to do this on a larger scale to raise support. Domestic chicken eggs are sold for 20 to 30 rupees per egg (31 to 47 cents per egg).  We are praying about buying land to start a poultry and dairy farm along with the Bible school and church.

Teaching School with American SGWM pastors on Skype

Thank you so much for your prayers for our health!  V.M. has been receiving treatment and is getting better!  I am doing well, but sometimes I have breathing problems.  The Lord is giving us strength to do the work of the ministry.  We enjoy teaching the men to equip them for the ministry and also learning the Word through the pastors from the States via Skype.


We need your prayers to do the ministry in this hostile region of the country.  Please pray that God would give us wisdom and courage to share the Gospel.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support!

Pastor P.M. and V.M.