God’s Word Never Goes Out in Vain–Even During These Trying Times

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I thank you all that you continually pray for me and my ministry. And especially I thank God, that He has given me a vision to share His Word.

Since I have started the ministry, God has given me many opportunities to share the Gospel to many people and pray for them. Whenever I got the opportunity, I shared the Good News in my city and other places as well. Many received Jesus and many rejected.

Visiting the office of the girl (in white) who I met on the road

While I was in Bible College, God gave me an opportunity to share His Word with a family. Since I already knew them, it was not hard for me to talk to them about God. That was about 6 years ago. There was a girl in the family who was a student at that time. I shared the Gospel with them and many things about God. They said that they did not need Jesus, because they already had their gods. During that time I shared the Gospel with them many times. It has been six years since then, and I recently met the girl while I was on the road. I could not recognize her, but she remembered me so she called out to me. She told me how I used to share the Gospel and she used to mock me, but now she and her whole family are believers! This was a such a surprise for me! I did not remember that I shared the Gospel with her personally, but she remembered the things that I shared. I really thank God that His Word never goes out in vain but it works in its time! Just like Paul said: someone plants and someone else waters, but God gives the increase. She told me that she works in the town where I live and invited me to her office. This was a good opportunity for me. I was able to share there with others as well about my testimony and what God did for us.

Praying Together

Where I am right now, God has opened many doors for me and He has been with me during many difficult times. Even though there were no believers here when I first started ministering, still God encouraged me to stay and do His work.

I have visited many families and I found many opportunities to share the Word of God. Whenever I got the opportunity, I shared about Jesus. Many young people gave their lives to God. When their families saw that they became Christians, their families closed the door for me. But the work of God never stops.

That’s why every Sunday and Friday I host a church fellowship at my place. Also, whenever I get an opportunity I meet them outside in town and encourage them. I really get encouraged when I hear that God is working in their lives! I always make many plans about ways to visit them and encourage them that it’s possible for them as well. Many times we go for picnics or to a restaurant. That is how we meet and talk about God. It is my desire that every time I meet them, I encourage them in the Lord, because it is really difficult for them to go to a church or hear biblical teaching. It is really a big responsibility for me and I think that since God has given me this responsibility, then I need to be responsible about it.

I visit many different youth groups every month and show the love of God through my life. I have also been praying for a long time that we can have our own place where we can have a church service. Where I host my church fellowship right now is a rented place. It is really small so it gets really hard to fellowship when more people come. And people also ask why so many people are coming to this place when it is rented. So, I am praying for a separate place where we can gather and freely worship Jesus Christ.

The new man (the woman’s son) who is coming to my church

This month, a new family started coming to my church. They are from another state but have come to my town to work. There are only two of them in the family, a mother and her adult son. One of the believers introduced me to them, so I went to their house. The doctor told the mother that she has cancer, so the family was going through a tough time. That is why I got the opportunity to go visit them and pray for them. I told them that I have church every Sunday and that they were invited to come. Now, they come to church every Sunday. The son follows one really famous Hindu leader. That Hindu leader does not have good character and because of that he is in Jail right now. But still people blindly follow him. So, I have been sharing with the son about the truth of Jesus and we talk about religions.

One day this month, a drunk man came to my house and started shouting against me and Christianity. He started talking about all the Hindu Gods. Then he said that someone told him that I convert people to Christianity and that I make people drink cow’s blood. He said “I know about Jesus–foreigners crucified Him. The one who cannot protect himself how can he protect us?” He also accused me of wanting us to become slaves to white people again. I was not able to talk to him much, because he was drunk. So I told him that I would explain it to him when he comes back. These days the situation over here is really bad. Many church buildings are being destroyed by anti-Christians. Many Hindu groups are gathering people to stand against Christians. The present government supports Hindu groups and it wants this country to become a Hindu nation. That’s why they stand against Christians.

Prayer requests-

  • Pray for the people who I have been sharing the gospel with and meeting every month.
  • Pray for me, that God may give me new ideas, so that I can be used to strengthen the people more in the Word. Pray that I may mature more in the Word of God, so I can teach the people God has given me to disciple.
  • Pray for the new family that has started coming to my church–that they may completely put their faith in God.
  • Pray for the people who are against Christians in my area–that God may give them understanding.
  • Pray for the Church building that I am planning to have at my place.

God bless you,

Pastor P.K.