God’s Power Working in People’s Lives

Church service

Praise the Lord! I thank God for His goodness in our lives. By the grace of God, we are doing well, and I thank all of the Calvary Chapel ministers and staff who are keeping us in their daily prayers. As Paul says, “I can do everything through Him who strengthens me.”

By the power of prayer, God delivered this man completely (believer, top right).

Really, it is God’s power who is working in people’s lives here. Recently, there was one big miracle that happened in a believer’s life (the one who I mentioned in my last newsletter who was sitting beside me in a photo). That brother was struggling from so many problems; but by the power of prayer, God delivered him completely.  That brother belongs to my village. He is strong in his faith.  The government has provided a piece of land for his house; that brother has a very good testimony. Please pray for his spiritual growth.

Let me inform you that I have moved to a village where I have started a fellowship in one elderly lady believer’s home. Here, I am working visiting many people who don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ, as well as believers who don’t go to church. People are very thirsty for the Word of God. The place where I am living is called a Christian colony, and even Christians are calling me for prayer and to teach them the Word of God. God has opened a door with one non-Christian. She is coming to our fellowship and every evening for prayer meeting. This non-Christian was sick, and through prayer was healed and had deliverance in her body. Personally, I believe that during the coming days, God is going to explode the ministry.

Please pray for my family, especially for my wife, that she and the baby will have a safe delivery. Once again, I thank you for supporting us spiritually and physically. We are continually praying for you and may my loving God bless you plentifully!

God bless you,
Pastor D.K., L.K. and A.K.