God Works in Amazing and Miraculous Ways!

My name is W.J. The Lord has very recently created an opportunity for me to come and serve at the new Calvary Chapel Bible College campus in South Asia through SGWM. I am excited to experience all the Lord has for me in this season and at the same time I am humbled that the Lord has given me such an opportunity.

Prior to coming along on staff with SGWM, the Lord was using me to share the Word at a few churches, home groups and open-air crusades. A few weeks before coming to the school, I was invited to share the Word in a place where about four hundred unreached people were reached through the Good News. Among that group, I was happy to meet a mother and her son whom I had seen about seven years ago. This boys name is Chinni, when I first met him he was ten years old and was unable to speak. I had prayed for him that day and was reminded to pray for him a few other times as well. When I met him this time, my heart rejoiced for he was able to speak fluently over time! It is amazing to see how the Lord answers our prayers! I thank God for giving me an opportunity to share at the crusade and also to see Chinni who can speak now!

Pastor W.J. Preaching at the Crusade

From there, I went to another place where I was asked to share the Word. After the church service, people came forward for prayer and three people who were demon possessed were set free. I had never had such an experience before. It was not something that I was doing, I was praying for each one after the other and all of a sudden the demon possessed started jumping and screaming “I will go away”. And after the prayer they were set free. Praise be to God!

After that, I was sharing the Word in another Church, many people in the church recommitted their life to the Lord. After Church, as we fellowshipped, the teenagers at the church said that they have been coming to church for jobs in the church (to be a treasurer, secretary, etc.). But after listening to the Word, they now want to serve the Lord by studying the Word and by reaching out to the unreached. My heart rejoiced in knowing the desire of their heart. May God reveal Himself to them and prompt them to step out in faith.

Meanwhile, I see that the Lord has opened another door for me to walk in and experience all that He has for me along with SGWM. It has been two weeks since I came to the campus. I see the Lord’s blessing upon me for it is an answered prayer. I believe that the Lord has brought me here to learn and to teach the Word. I am excited to see and be a part of SGWM and the staff that is launching this new Calvary Chapel Bible College campus. I thank you for taking time to read what the Lord has been in and through me. May God bless you!

Pastor W.J.