God is Opening Closed Doors Through Health Training!

Sharing at the Hospital Health Training

Praise the Lord! I am so thankful to God; He is great all the time!

   We are continuing to do community health training. It is amazing! We are learning about how amazing God created us. They are teaching us about our bodies. God has made everything so good!
   God also gave me the opportunity to share His Word in the hospital. I am so thankful about how God is using us in His work and how the people at the hospital like the way we teach verse by verse.

Walking to the Village to have a Health Clinic

With this medical training, we can help people in un-reached places and in mountain villages. It is so helpful for us! Most of the time, we cannot share God’s Word directly because people get angry so quickly. They do not want to listen to anything about Jesus Christ. Now, with this training, we can give them both physical and spiritual treatment. We can share God’s Word too. It has helped us so wonderfully! It is great!

   A few days ago, we went to a village and we saw many people who were sick with so many health problems. God gave us the opportunity to share with them His Word. It is amazing! People are so happy when we share both things with them-God’s Word and health. Thank you so much that you pray for us all the time. I got the opportunity to share with these villagers two stories from the Bible: Matthew 20:29-34, about how Jesus Christ healed them, and Matthew 18:10-14. They heard the Word and told me to come again. Please pray that God will open the way for me.

Sharing at Church

   It was also a great time when I taught on Sunday at Calvary Chapel M. God gave me the opportunity to share about Genesis 12, how Abraham walked with faith.
Thank you so much to all of you who pray for us and who are helping us financially. We are so glad that God has put us together. I am so blessed to do ministry with you all and to receive your love and prayers all of the time.

Please pray that God may use us here more, that we can go to more people to share His Word.

At the Village for a Health Clinic

God bless you,
Pastor R.K.

Monsoon Season