God is Moving and Breaking Down Barriers Through Prayer!


Outdoor Gospel Meeting

Greetings and love from all the faithful saints of CC South Asia! We are so thankful for your prayer support and the recently donated chairs! We give God all the glory and bless His holy name. God bless you all and thank you once again! I am convinced that through our combined prayers — you praying for us, and us praying for our local body — that God is on the move in love and in power here.

People From Our Church Serving Together

It is so exciting to see an outpouring of boldness upon the saints here currently, like never before. In addition to growing in love with God’s Word, our fellowship is experiencing so much revelation about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

For the first time ever, in addition to our small ministry team, a few of the men here joined us in a Gospel sharing adventure to a nearby village. I am so happy when the believers begin to step up and step out for evangelism. So many times, people think that “doing church” is the pastor’s job. I am convinced that discipling the believers at CC South Asia to know the Great Commandment and Great Commission is the key to them contributing their spiritual gifts, talents, time, witness and resources to our church growth. We desire to all mature in love, not just knowledge. Because I want the believers to grow, I open up and invite people to move in faith and serve. I try to keep it simple: Love God, Love People. Those are the words I choose to model for the saints here.

I am satisfied as a pastor when I see the people at my fellowship get excited about God and experience personal transformation in their lives. One of our brothers here is naturally shy and reserved, and he has a terrible fear of speaking in a group — however, through the Holy Spirit giving him bold faith that he could not contain, he recently started singing praises loudly and sharing his testimony in front of the whole church. He cried out about the faithfulness of God. This really touched my heart. This same man is now a fiery evangelist and is witnessing to his entire family faithfully.

Weekly Fasting Prayer Meeting

This excitement in prayer has spread into our neighborhood, and the unbelievers of our colony are coming into our church with prayer requests. When we pray with them in the name of Jesus, they are also coming to know Him and are seeing their prayers answered. They are being amazed by the power of our God. Our worship in this place is literally transforming our neighborhood. We have a neighbor whom we will just refer to as “Uncle R” — he has been very angry, and very aggressive toward our fellowship since we first began. He has entered into our services at times, threatening violence and demanding we stop worshipping. He lives next door and is a notorious drunk who beats his wife. Nevertheless, we have been firm in continuing worship, and we even visit him and offer prayers, or invite him to our agape feasts for a free lunch. We never paid him back with rudeness or revenge. Normally, Uncle R would respond negatively and threaten us more. We have been devoted to praying for Uncle R. Recently, Uncle R started visiting with us in front of our church — and now he has expressed happiness and approval for our upcoming Christmas program which we will do on the street, right in front of his house! He opened up to us, allowing us to pray with him. Since all of this, he has a job now, and has been drinking considerably less and is much kinder to his wife. We cannot wait until Uncle R decides to join us in worshipping the One True God.

Thank you for staying up to date with our progress here at CC South Asia! Highest Blessings, Pastor JE

Worship Service


• Pray for my health. I keep getting sick.

• Pray that we will find a good building/location to establish a larger church.

•Pray for our fellowship to keep growing more in God’s Word.

•Pray for God to send someone here who can be a full-time minister, called to help me and commit to a long-term position, with a genuine desire to serve the people with love. – Pray for more outreach: In January, we want to do homeless/street people ministry by distributing blankets and engaging people in prayer while sharing the Gospel with them.

Home Fellowship Meeting
Serving Lunch