God is Changing Hearts!-Update from R.M.


I am doing well by the grace of God! Ministry is going great! We have 12 house churches. In November, we had a youth retreat and invited all of the youth and children. All 12 house churches are in different villages in a 40 kilometer  (25mi) area. I collected all of the churches’ youth and children for the retreat. We spent time in worship, action songs, hearing the word of God, and playing games. It was a great time with them. My plan is to raise up some of these youth to lead the house churches.

Praise God! Thanks for your help and support. Now, in December, we are going from village to village and showing the Jesus film. These are photos of ministry where I am showing the Jesus film on the projector in new villages and sharing the Good News with them. Lots of people in the villages are illiterate, so this Jesus Film is so helpful in ministry! Twelve new people accepted Jesus in the last month when I showed Jesus movies and shared the Good News! All twelve people are illiterate!

So many people are hearing the Good News!

Thank you all so much for your prayers! God is at work!!! Merry Christmas to you all and may the Lord bless you in the new year!

God bless you,