God Fulfilled My Heart’s Desire!

Praise the Lord for the opportunity to visit Israel!

   I am very excited to write this update!  First of all, I want to thank you all for your prayers and continued support.  Praise the Lord for the opportunity to visit Israel last month (March 29 to April 11)! It was my heart’s desire to visit Israel, but I never thought this desire would ever be fulfilled.  Ps. 37:4 says, “Delight in the Lord, and He will give thee the desires of your heart.”  Praise the Lord! He fulfills our
heart’s desires.

I thank SGWM and everyone who financially supported my Israel trip.  It was such a wonderful experience for me to be in the land where our incarnated God lived and walked, wrought miracles, taught the Word, and gave His life for us sinners.  I have no words to express my feelings!  I always find it difficult to answer the question when I am asked, “Which place did you like the most?” It is not easy for me to point out one specific place and say I enjoyed it the most. Every place we went had its own significance; the way each place related to the Biblical stories of that place was a very thrilling experience for me!  It was an experience of seeing the Bible. This has changed my Bible reading. Worshipping the Lord in Israel was another wonderful experience!  I wish we could have stayed longer and visited more places.  Once again, I praise my God for taking me to the Promised Land and seeing the children of Israel!  Oh, Father open their eyes to see their Messiah!

   We have finished the second semester of our Bible College.  The students have gone back to their homes.  Please pray that they will share the Gospel with their friends and relatives who are Hindus. These students are new believers and are young (17 to 25 years old, except one who is 40 years old).  Pray that they would not fall into the temptations of the world. We will be accepting a few new students this year.  Pray that the Lord will give us the wisdom to accept the right students, those who are truly interested to learn the Word.

   In our country, the election for the new government is going on.  The result will be published on May 23rd. Please pray that the Lord will raise God-fearing leaders in our new government.

   It is the end of April, and the temperature has gone up to 111 degrees Fahrenheit (in May, temperatures increase to 120 degrees). Please pray for God’s protection.

   Thank you for partnering with us in spreading the Gospel here, through your prayers and financial support!

God bless you!

Co-workers in Christ,

P.M and V.M.