God Contiunes Opening many Doors to Share the Good News!–

Prayer Meeting

2018 has already been full of excitement and fruitful ventures of faith for our Calvary Chapel fellowship in South Asia. January was a very active month with Bible studies, village and urban outreaches, worship services, and lots of Good News. We would love to share some of our highlights with the global body of Christ and ask for some prayers, too!

   In January, we started the first day of the year with all night praise

New Years Eve Service

and prayer. For New Year’s Eve, we gathered to pray into the New Year and celebrate the good things of God. I shared the Word and at midnight we sang praises to Jesus. In our culture, we have the custom as Christians to receive bookmarks with Scriptures and hold fast to God’s promises to us. Therefore, we passed out Bible verses on bookmarks to our fellowship. We focus on the fact that God’s Word is true.

 In the month of January, I, along with my small ministry team, visited a village far from our city. That village also had a “prayer festival” which encouraged the local believers to fast and pray for the

Prayer Festival

first week of the New Year. I was invited to teach God’s Word and was also able to impart a message on the importance of having extraordinary faith in an all-day teaching session. Our Calvary Chapel team here in South Asia felt so blessed to go and serve that village with Truth from the Bible.



   Additionally, in January, our midweek Bible study concluded in the book of Philippians and we have now started the book of Colossians. Every Friday, we also gather the saints in the evenings to pray. Currently, these believers are learning about intercessory prayer as they pray for their nation, their city, their neighbors, and their families.
   Our team also responds to emergency calls from people who are in the hospital or at home sick. In one case, I was called in December to go and pray for a young girl hospitalized with a chronic condition who underwent surgery. Desperate for a miracle, these unbelievers had heard about Pastor J.E. from one of their relatives. The local Calvary Chapel team went to visit them in the hospital. This hospital visit resulted in an open door in January to visit them for follow up in their home. Jesus made it very clear that He was pursuing this family.

We traveled far across our city in the late evening, and even got lost

Youth Conference

many times along the way, until we found ourselves in the living room of this Hindu family hungry to know about God. I shared the Good News and my own testimony of being born sick as a baby and the subsequent results of God having healed me and how later in life I realized that Jesus is the Savior. The Calvary Chapel team then laid hands on the family members and prayed for them. That family felt so blessed by the message and prayers, that they insisted on taking the team to their extended family’s home spontaneously.

   That night, my team and I walked and prayed through a Muslim and Hindu stronghold and shared Good News to many unbelievers who gathered in to listen in these homes and ask for prayers for the sick. Sometimes people respond openly, and other times people mock or make threats. Regardless, I, and my team choose to love all of these

Youth Conference

people. What a wonderful time of outreach we experienced unexpectedly through that single house visit.


   We also partnered with a local youth conference event aimed at drawing in teenagers and college students and I, along with my team, had the opportunity to lead the worship services.




   In our city there’s a homeless outreach called “Street Church” where local missionaries host a feeding program — our team led the worship session out in a parking lot and released songs to Jesus in the open-air leading many hopeless, broken people into His praises. Our ministry here has a lot of musical talent and a worship anointing which God has us share with smaller venues around the city from time to time to build up the saints and stir up good works.

Street Church for the Homeless


   Currently, our ministry team is small but mighty as we follow God’s Word and let the Holy Spirit lead us in loving the lost and feeding the saints.
   We thank you so much for partnering your faith with us through prayer. God bless you all richly!


Pastor J.E.
Prayer Points:
  • A new building or plot of land to relocate and expand our fellowship hall as our congregation is growing. (We meet in a small enclosed rooftop as a house fellowship.)
  • An additional ministry vehicle for our team as now we have one motorcycle and we live in a very big city.
  • Pastor J.E. needs his team members to mature and grow, and also additional full-time helpers to help serve alongside him in teaching and outreaches. (Ask God to send missionaries and teams to lend their gifts or raise up mature believers here to assist.)
  • Continue to ask the Lord to grow the current believers in this fellowship especially in their understanding and application of God’s Word.
  • We need more Bibles in English and our native dialect.
  • A new sound system: we have our instruments and a few microphones but we are missing a soundboard/mixer.
  • To raise funds for our ministry locally from the people in our own country.
  • In May, we have our 3rd church anniversary and we would love to plan and budget for a worship event that would bless our congregation and welcome in more people who need to hear about Jesus.