God Answers Our Prayers

Our Bible College Family

Turning on the Electricity!

Thank you very much for your prayers and financial  support! It is my privilege to partner with you in sharing the Gospel.      The semester is coming to an end. The Lord was so good to me and my family. I was teaching the Gospel of Mark. I was so blessed by teaching this book! It enabled me to strengthen the foundations of faith in students’ lives as well as my own. It also helped inspire them to suffer faithfully for the Gospel.     

I was also teaching the last few chapters from the book of Hebrews. During this semester, I have seen the Lord answering many prayers. We were praying for electricity for the campus. The Lord answered our prayers! We got it!     

As a family, we prayed together for our studies. Our daughter completed 12th grade.     

A day waiting up on the Lord and spending time in prayer and studying the Word enabled me to renew my life in Him.

Prayer Requests:

1.)Please continue to pray for my daughter, she is waiting to get her test results. Please also pray for her future studies.  

2.)Pray for more students next semester.  

3.)Pray for the students as they go to the field to share the Gospel. Please also pray that souls may come to know the Lord and churches will be established.

God bless you,

Pastor L.B. and Family