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Bond & Heather Gaona ~ Bicycle Ride That Changed Lives

Contentment…It’s A Beautiful Quality

While we live out of a suitcase majority of the year and some would say we don’t have much, the reality is that we have more in our two suitcases than most Nepali villagers have in their entire house. Yet there is something so beautiful about the people of Nepal, which we have not experienced anywhere else and that is contentment. We are grateful for how the Lord has reminded us this past month through the lives of our Nepali friends that joy is not obtained in having things, but in being satisfied completely in the Lord wherever we are.

Bicycle Ride That Changed Lives

School of Ministry - West Nepal One of the key goals in our ministry is to train up Pastors and Leaders to reach their own villages. In the remote areas where we work, the fact is that there are places that are not open to us or any outsiders for that matter. This requires locals to minister the love of Christ in their own communities. (Picture: School of Ministry – West Nepal)

During our time in Nepal, we met a young gal named Ganga who attended the School of Ministry. She has a beaming smile that radiated joy that is contagious to all of those around here. She sat in the front row each day and quickly became one of our favorites. As we got to know her and she shared her remarkable story, we knew that the time we spent with these 40 young men and women was a worthwhile investment. Ganga Receiving Her Graduation Certificate from SOM  Ganga remembers clearly the day that two men and two women from our School of Ministry rode their bicycles 2 ½ hours each way down dusty dirt roads to her village. As the team of 4 went door-to-door sharing the Gospel, it was at that time that she first heard about Jesus and His unconditional love for her. This radically changed her life and she put her faith in Christ. When the opportunity was presented to her to attend the School of Ministry, she left home without looking back. Ganga has a deep desire to learn, grow in her faith and has now returned to her village to serve at the church that has been started in her village and is shining as a bright light in her village. We shared her testimony with the entire class in hopes that this scenario will be repeated in every village throughout the region of West Nepal.  (Picture: Ganga Receiving Her Graduation Certificate from SOM)

Sharing the Story

Heather Sharing Sabita's Story With Children One of my favorite highlights during our time in Nepal was working at New Creation Primary School where I was able to read a children’s book called “Walking With Sabita” written by a dear friend of ours, Nancy Kaser. It’s about a young Nepali girl who was from a Hindu family who hears about the true and living God that loves her. In the book, it shares her story and how she became a believer, so the Gospel was clearly presented at the end of story and one boy and one girl from this 5th grade class responded to this invitation to accept Christ in their hearts. We were able to lead the children in prayer and they were invited to attend church down the street from their school. The book is available for purchase at for $12 and would make a great gift for children and youth and the best part is that all proceeds will be used to bless children in need around the world.  (Picture: Heather Sharing Sabita’s Story With Children)

Ministry Update

At the beginning of November, we recorded a short video update. It is only a few minutes, so click on the link to check it out:

As we complete our second year, we are overwhelmed by God’s great grace upon our lives. We are privileged to be able to minister to the lost, hurting and broken and equip others to reach the unreached throughout Asia and Africa. We have arrived safely in So. CA and we hope to connect with you during our time stateside. Please pray for guidance and direction as we prepare for 2014. Our cell phone’s are on so feel free to call or email, as we would love to get together to share more face to face!

With Love,

Bond and Heather Gaona

Dressed in Traditional Nepali Tribal Wear

(Dressed in Traditional Nepali Tribal Wear)