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Bond & Heather Gaona ~ Bringing God Glory


Intended For Evil – Brings God Glory

We sent a special prayer request a few weeks ago after our Promise Child in-country workers (Joseph and Simon) were held against their will at a Muslim school in Yumbe as we tried to visit one of the students. The school officials made false accusations against our ministry workers and stirred up an angry mob, which resulted in police intervention. We are grateful for your prayers and wanted to share that all charges that the Muslim school officials tried to charge them with have been dismissed, the case was dropped and they have been cleared.

It is sad that there are people in the world who seek to destroy lives, do evil and have no regard for human life but, we know it is simply because they are blinded. What the devil intended for evil this past month, God has used for good. In previous updates we have shared about Pastor Chris who is overseeing the church in Yumbe Town, attends the School of Ministry and has become a dear friend. Our August 2012 update read Please pray for Pastor Chris and the church in Yumbe as they are asking God for direction and provision to purchase land to build a church.” We have been praying for over a year for this and we rejoiced when an acre of land was purchased. But we had no idea that God would use the horrible incident this past month to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or imagine!

Purchasing Additional Land in Yumbe Last month, Promise Child also sent an Urgent Prayer Request. As a result a Promise Child ministry partner was burdened for the church in Yumbe and committed the necessary funds for CC Yumbe to purchase an additional acre of land, build a church sanctuary and classrooms for the elementary school. We were excited to share with Pastor Chris the wonderful news! Romans 8:28 says “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” We know this to be true as we give God glory for His faithful provision and answered prayers in Yumbe. The additional acre of land was purchased last week and construction will begin later this year. Please keep praying for Pastor Chris, Simon, Joseph and the church in Yumbe. Pray also for the building process to go smoothly, for protection from any opposition and for safety as they continue to minister in this 98% Muslim community. (Picture: Purchasing Additional Land in Yumbe)

The Woman in Shackles

Woman in ShacklesMost days Heather is out in the community visiting with families and children. One day in July when she was visiting a family they were sitting in front of the hut. As she was interviewing several Promise Children, she saw a woman out of the corner of her eye with shackles on her feet walking slowly in her direction She was mumbling under her breath. Thoughts flooded Heather’s mind, “why does she have shackles on, is she being held against her  will, who did this to her, this is not right, what should we do?” Heather began praying quietly…. “Lord show me what to do.” Much to her surprise, as the woman got closer she began speaking in English. Heather knew at that moment that she was supposed to talk with her. Although this was not part of the plan for the day it certainly was part of God’s plan. She grabbed Heather’s hand and introduced herself and her toddler son (he was completely naked). They sat down and the woman shared that she was discouraged, lonely and needed a friend. It became clear within a matter of minutes that she was suffering from mental illness. Heather shared with her about Jesus, the lover of her soul, who will never leave of forsake her, the one who heals, the one who comforts and the one who sets captives free. (Picture: Woman in Shackles)

While Heather shared the Word with her, our ministry worker went to the woman’s home to find out the situation. We learned that she lived with her parents and the shackles were to ensure that she would not cause harm to herself by wandering off as she had in the past. Sadly, there are no services in the region to help those who suffer from mental illness. As Heather lay in bed that night, her heart was heavy as she so badly wanted to fix the situation and break the lock that shackled the woman physically. The Lord gently reminded her that He is in control and that by befriending her, sharing the Gospel and praying with her that Heather had done that which He had asked of her that day.

The woman in shackles has a name….her name is Jennifer. There are people all around us who may not have physical shackles, but like Jennifer they are discouraged, lonely and need a friend. May this serve as an encouragement to reach out to those who cross your path today.

Hope to See You in So. California

This past month, we were able to do a remote update from Uganda that was shared here and if you are interested in watching a 5 minute update that include more about the various ministries we were apart of in Midigo, here is the link:

We arrived back in the states safely. We wanted to let you know that Bond will be teaching this Wednesday, August 14 @ 7 p.m. at CC Saving Grace in Yorba Linda (Orange County) and on Sunday, September 1st @ 10 :30 a.m. at The Chapel in La Mesa (San Diego). If you are in the area, we hope you can join as we would love to see you! We will be stateside for the remainder of August and will be preparing for Nepal / China as we will back to Asia in mid-September.

With Love,

Bond and Heather Gaona