Finally Home Again!

img_8503We have spent the past five months in the states. During that time we have added a sweet baby boy to our family, visited friends and family, grew new friendships, and said our last goodbyes to my sister Marie who passed away suddenly in October. It has been an emotional roller coaster with precious highlights as well as really hard moments. But we are finally home again in Cajamarca! We are still in the process of raising support, so we are not yet back long term, but we are so thankful after months of waiting, to be home, even if just for a time. We will be here for the month of November, and then will be returning to the states in December until we have enough support to come back to stay.


The first day back was a combination of wanting to dance and wanting to cry in relief after a very long five months of travel. It’s like when you plan a vacation that ended up being too long and you finally walk into your front door and get to collapse on your own bed and sit on your own couch again. We have had the opportunity to visit with several friends and just catch up. Life has slowed down again and the kids are already back in the swing of our routine here, despite being sick with a pretty nasty cold.




The campus construction has been making a lot of progress in the time that we were gone, so we came back to a new auditorium and a lot of progress towards the completion of the future women’s dorm. (They are currently housed temporarily in another location on campus.) They have also added a library and are almost finished tiling the game room. The construction is done by a combination of a Peruvian construction team, students who work two hours a day, and visiting teams from all over the world who volunteer to do various projects.



This semester seems to have been both fruitful and challenging in its own ways. There have been a few different staff families who have either transitioned to other ministries or it became necessary for them to return to the states for various reasons, so all of the staff this semester picked up a lot of extra odd jobs around campus to fill in the missing positions. Yet it seems to have been a very blessed and fruitful semester in the lives of the students on campus. Many students are planning to return next semester and continue their studies at CCBC Peru. Praise God for that! This semester, many of the students that have been here alongside of us since we arrived in Cajamarca are graduating! This is a sweet moment to celebrate with them and see them move on to what the Lord has for them next, but also always a little sad to see them go!



Romeo’s class of Jeremiah is going well, but he has been very sick since we arrived and through this first week of class he has had almost no voice at all. As you can imagine this is rather frustrating to be teaching for three hours at a time with no voice and a very painful sore throat. This is something you can join us in praying over!






Other prayer requests would include God providing people who are willing to team up with us in prayer. (Yes, we are indeed praying for prayer!) For us to have full funding or clear direction by December 1 when we have to give the final decision if we are going to keep our house on campus or not. I would also ask that you would join us in continuing to pray for a safe and peaceful campus environment that will be a blessing and a place of growth for the many students, staff and children who call this home. And finally that we would be truly unified in heart and vision as staff, pressing onward in the battle and keeping our eyes fixed on Christ.

We look forward to hearing from you and talking to you all soon!

The Buescher Family 🙂


Photos compliments of Miss Eva Buescher <3img_8593