Exciting Changes!

This past Summer has been a pretty busy one for us. There have been a lot of changes and exciting developments. I wanted to briefly share a few things and attach some photos on our website and Facebook that should give you a good idea as to what our summer has looked like so far. We have some news as to where we are living and how our little baby is coming along. There is also an exciting possibility for us to buy a house. I’ll talk about the latter at the closing of our letter.

Our Summer

  • Kid’s ministry
    • We started the summer with our yearly Children’s outreaches which are one of my favorite times of year. It’s such a great time to get to know new kids and build relationships with the ones we already know. Times with kids can be so refreshing and many are very eager to hear about Jesus.
    • We love these kids and God is doing some cool things in their lives. While the adults and teens will come to church late a lot of times the kids more often are there when we start. This past Sunday I was filled with joy to hear that the kids in Valeni had arrived to the Church property early and had set up all the benches before the group came from Ciorani. But they not only set up for church, they were also singing worship songs loudly and praying! This news put a smile on my face.
    • Pray for these kids! There is quite an eagerness to learn and just this past month we baptised two girls in Valeni.
  • Austria and Ireland Trips
    • For a week there was a small group of us that attended a conference in Millstatt Austria. This conference was put on by the Calvary Chapel in Hanover and their youth group invited us to come and be apart of the week. Josh and I were the guest speakers for the youth sessions for the week. Coming up to it I was a bit stressed about all the preparation but the week was far from any stress or worry. God blessed the times together with the youth and we made some new dear friends. We are so thankful for our time there.knepper 2
    • After returning from Austria we soon left for Ireland for a getaway to spend time with some of my family! My parents came over from the states and we all stayed with my oldest brother and his wife who live and work in Cork. It was SO good to see family and so many friends. On returning we brought back about 18 kilos of baby clothes that people gave us while we were there which was fantastic. Our time in Ireland was a huge blessing for Ruth and I.

knepper 3


  • We are living in Ciorani where Ruth’s family is based. With the baby’s arrival coming in November, it will be good to be close to family and in a place where I can still be plenty of help with the extent of my Romanian. We are still very involved with what’s going on in Valeni. We moved from Valeni right before we left for Ireland. Our hope was that once we got back from our trip we would find somewhere to rent. There have been a few options but all included pumping in a good amount of money to make something suitable for when we have our baby. The way in which people live in the country is very different from the cities and what we’re use to in the west.
  • Ruth and the baby are doing great. Before we left for Austria we had an in-depth ultra-sound to check that everything is as it should. Everything showed up normal and the doctor was able to tell us that we are to expect a little baby girl in November! We are beyond delighted! We have a bunch of the cutest outfits from family and friends. Baby girls are so much fun to shop for!

Exciting News about a House

  • In our searching for a place to rent we found a house with a little yard that a lady is wanting to sell for 6,000 Euros= 6,790 USD. In a lot of thinking and weighing our options we have decided that we want to try and buy this house and fix it up here and there over time. In all honesty some of the places that people were offering to rent were in a worse condition than this house is. Instead of putting money into someone else’s house to fix it up, it would be much better to put it into a place we can call our own.
    • We have counted up what we have and we will continue to be saving to get this place. In my mind it would be great if we could get it and start fixing it up a bit before winter and the baby come but that just might not be possible and we are okay with that. Ruth’s Parents have opened their home to us and we have a nice little spot for the time being, so we aren’t without a place to stay. But we wanted to let you guys know what we are wanting to do because we are really excited about working towards this. And if it’s something that you would like to be apart of then great! God provides in interesting ways and He can get us into that house if it’s His will to do so. We will continue to trust in the Lord and take the necessary steps towards this house unless God makes it clear otherwise. Please keep this in prayer!


    We love you all and pray for you often, however not as often as we should. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have and to pray for anything specific things you have going on in your lives. You can email us, Voxer us, Facebook, or Skype… really there is a variety of different ways to talk with us!

    Just this past week a friend in the church sent us this verse and came as a great encouragement for us.

    Jeremiah 32:40-41 – “And I will make an everlasting covenant with them, that I will not turn away from doing them good; but I will put My fear in their hearts so that they will not depart from Me. Yes, I will rejoice over them to do them good, and I will assuredly plant them in this land, with all My heart and with all My soul.”

    If you would like to see more photos from our summer, just click the link below:



    In Him,

    Aden and Ruth Knepper