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Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas with People Who Heard for the First Time
Visiting Homes to Share the True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas came and went, and it is already the third month of 2019!!! How did we get this far so fast? We have truly been experiencing an acceleration of God’s Spirit moving here at CC South Asia.

During the Christmas season, we were really able to go all out in community outreach — and many unbelievers were completely open to us visiting their homes to sing songs and pray. As a result of our enormous efforts to visit as many homes as possible before Christmas day, our service on Christmas Day was overflowing, and so many newcomers came to hear God’s Word!

Many Newcomers Came to Hear God’s Word

We experienced a movement of people hearing about Jesus and the real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas for the first time. Now, we cannot accommodate all of the newcomers in our worship place. As a result, we now hold a Sunday morning worship service and a Sunday evening service just to serve everyone who wants to come!

We Were So Excited About Souls Being Saved We Painted Our Meeting Room

Our congregation has been so excited, and that led to us sprucing up our meeting room with a new coat of paint. In our excitement, our ministry team went out on New Year’s Eve riding around the city on motorcycle and shouting to people: “JESUS LOVES YOU!” We currently have the enormous blessing of having 3 brothers from our ministry team enrolled at CCBC South Asia. It is our vision to have men equipped with God’s Word who can expand and encourage the current vision we have in our colony and beyond.

We are witnessing miracles of people’s eyes being opened to the Truth and responding to God’s love with repentance.

Our Fellowship has been Blessed with Students and Special Needs Children

Our fellowship has been blessed with a group of special needs children and youth who just love to attend our worship and hang around us. In our spare time, we encourage these families and truly show a genuine love and interest for their children. We do not feel that their special needs children are a burden or that they cannot be a part of our church family. Instead, loving these children has led to their parents coming to know Jesus!

One of these special needs children recently went missing. It was the church who responded, and we searched nearly 24 hours for the missing boy. We finally found him at a train station. He had gotten lost. His mother had no idea that her son was so loved and cared for by CC South Asia; this moved her beyond tears, and she has started coming to worship service. She testified that she now understands the love of God to go after the lost! We are also reaching out to the students in our neighborhoods by distributing school supplies and inviting them to come hang out and worship.

As of right now, God is leading us to remain within house walls as a movement that mainly meets in people’s homes. This has allowed us to grow tremendously in numbers without attracting anti-Christian attention to our gatherings. However, we are praying for God to make a way for us to acquire our own land on which a home can be built that would function as both a fellowship hall and ministry dormitory for the pastor and ministers in training. We would love to see what God has in store for us as we see many more people turning to Christ.

Please pray for:

Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas in Homes

1.) The three young men currently studying at CCBC South Asia to be blessed, encouraged and equipped with a vision to return to our city to pioneer more campuses.

2.) An increase in workers for the ministry to help our pastoral team.

3.) The believers to mature and understand their identity in Christ.

4.) Newcomers to have encounters with the Truth and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

5.) God’s timing and provision for church expansion.

6.) The health of our pastor and ministry team, as always.

7.) Divine protection from evil.    

We have so many other stories we wish we could share. We remain so thankful for those who are partnering with us in prayer and through practical support.

We know we are not alone. May the love of Christ dwell in each of you.

Visiting Homes to Share the True Meaning of Christmas

Praying for you all.

In His love, Pastor J. E.

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