Enright Update ~ Our Next Move


Our grand adventure continues.  During the first week of June we will be moving to Cesarea to serve the Lord there.  God has opened a door for us in this season to go and help oversee the guest house that Helping Hands Coalition (HHC) operates from there.  We will oversee the guests coming in from different areas of the world to help with the primary ministry of HHC, which is serving the holocaust survivors.  We will help host a “warm house” for these precious people where we get together on a regular basis to share a meal with them, fellowship with them and just love on them.  Please pray that God would open doors for us to share with them as many of them do not yet believe.  We will also continue in the other ministries  we have been involved with,  feeding the homeless and serving at a soup kitchen and food distribution facility.

Bev has been in California helping her Mom and Dad with their move.  She will be arriving back in Israel June 11th.  Please pray for strength and wisdom  for her as she helps her family as well as safe travel on her trip back to Israel

In the last month we have had the opportunity to host a couple of “warm houses” here in Netanya where we are currently staying.  We have had 18 survivors in the apartment for dinner and fellowship.  What a blessing these people have been to us.  You gain some understanding of the challenges these people have faced in life and yet they are so gracious and enjoyable to be around.  Please pray that God would touch their hearts in a way that helps them to taste and see that the Lord is good and they can trust Him.

Please pray for us in this next season, that God would give us hearts for the lost, wisdom with decisions, favor with languages and provision for our financial needs.  Thank you all for partnering with us in this ministry.

Blessings in Yeshua,

GregnBev Enright