Enright Update March

Today, as the nation of Israel prepares for the arrival of President Obama, our little friend Saying good-bye to Eli and Atwar Atwar and his dad are happily flying back to Kurdistan. Eli told us he is returning to work on Sunday which is an issue we prayed about as he was gone from work longer than planned. We are thankful that Atwar’s heart is healed. He was displaying noticeably more energy this last week. Thank you to all of you who prayed for him and his dad. At his going away party we told his dad, through a translator, that Atwar was being prayed for around the world! While we are happy for the goodness of God in healing Atwar, we miss having a 3 three year old around the office! They were part of the family for us, because we came just after they arrived. We gave his dad our email so we hope to hear some news about how things are going. He has heard the gospel here and watched the “Jesus” film in Kurdish over and over so fruit may come one day. Please pray for the seeds that have been planted not to be snatched away but rather to be watered and sprout with new life. (Picture: Saying good-bye to Eli and Atwar)

We have 5 families here now, 4 waiting for surgery, and 1 who had surgery last week. Our biggest desire for the families besides their salvation is that Jwana, an eleven year old girl will get her surgery this week. She has been here with her mom for 3 months just waiting. Jowana with her Mom

She is the sweetest girl and has been open to the stories and teaching about Jesus. She sometimes goes to church with some of the staff, so the waiting time isn’t wasted. The prayer must be for the surgery to come soon and for the patience to wait until it does come. (Picture: Jowana with her Mom)

Thanks for partnering with us in prayer,