Discipling Believers

Praise the Lord! Ministry is going well by God’s grace. I am visiting believers and discipling them.

Praise Report:

— I mentioned one time about a girl (K) who has tuberculosis. Last month, she went to the hospital to be tested again. She received a report that the results were normal! Thank the Lord for her healing, and also thank you for your prayers! She is really happy to be healed.
— The girl who had meningitis is doing well now. Thank you for praying for her.

Women I have been Sharing the Gospel With

Prayer Requests:

— I am discipling a man; his name is P., and he is doing really well. He needs a study Bible. Please pray that God will provide a study Bible.
— Please pray for the believers who come from so far for Christian fellowship, even when the road is really dangerous, because of the heavy monsoon rain. Please pray for their commitment and for God’s protection.
— My motorcycle is not working properly because it was wrecked. I had it repaired, but it is still unreliable for taking on long trips to visit the believers. I am trying to sell this bike and praying that it will sell for a good price. Please pray for this; it is part of our ministry.
— Pray for a group of women (above) who I have shared the Gospel with many times; pray that God will touch their hearts.
— Pray for the road conditions during monsoon (rainy/flooding) season.
Thank you for your prayers!
     Pastor P.K.