December 2018 Prayer Requests



S.S. – Europe

Prayer Requests:
1. In my last prayer requests I mentioned a Syrian family who is trying to get their 18 years old daughter to join them in Germany. Unfortunately they received a very firm rejection and they have to deal with the fact of living without seeing their daughter till no one knows. I hope you can pray for them to have comfort in that from the Lord, and for all the Syrian Families that are separated because of the war, that God comfort them and help them through.

The Church asylum family are presenting their case in the German court at 23th November. After that the decision will need sometime to be taken. Meanwhile the Church found them a small flat, and two jobs (full time for the Husband and part time for his wife). Once they get their approval they can move to their own place and start working. I hope you can pray that their asylum get accepted and that they could get back to normal life and forget about this difficult time they lived. Since 28 August till now Germany is accepting new refugees wave. The Syrian ones are coming directly from Syria, where they have been in the war for the last 7 years. My encounter with some of them was a sad one. They are affected a lot by the war and most of them are still carrying their war habits. Please pray for me to have wisdom in knowing how to approach them and help them, and pray for them that God will give them peace and safety.

I am really thankful for your prayers . They are much needed.

God bless you and thank you again.

S. – Email

Mitch and Christine Sorensen – Nice, France

-Hello prayer warrior! Thank you so much for doing battle on our behalf. First of all a praise report. God has wonderfully supplied our needs in a financial way. We know He will, it’s just that the timing is the issue sometimes. A lot of our physical issues are improving so we can move on.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for Christine’s family as her nephew died suddenly which has been difficult but has opened up doors that had been closed in the past.

2. Pray for a transition at CC Nice as pastor Pierre will be stepping down and his son Tonio will be taking over as senior pastor.

3. Pray for more open doors to do evangelism in many areas of Nice.

4. Pray for people in the church to see their need to do the work of an evangelist.

5, Prayer for our continued financial support and strength to so the work that God has called us to.

God bless you as you serve Him
Mitch and Christine  – Email   Blog

Brenna Krulla – Pécs, Hungary

Prayer Requests:
1. Women’s tea on Dec. 8. Pray for preparation of hearts even now. That hearts would be drawn to God. That those who already believe will be built up and that those who don’t yet know God will hear the truth if His love and salvation for them.

2. Continued wisdom and inspiration for my work helping teach the kids. To help them learn but also to care for their whole person and point them to Jesus.

3. The young women in my life, that they will grow deep roots in the Lord. Wisdom in how to care for/invest in each of them, from many different backgrounds and cultures.

4. Continued prayer for language learning.

Thank you for your prayer and for being a part of God’s work in Hungary. You are valued and loved!

Brenna – Email   Blog

Rebecca Alaniz – Zagreb, Croatia

Praise Reports:
-I found an apartment and I’m getting settled

-The Lord continues to be faithful through it all!

Prayer Requests:
1. That the Lord will help me learn Croatian

2. For boldness to step out of my comfort zone and build relationships with people

3. For opportunities to share the Gospel

4. For all of the holiday outreaches that are taking place

5. For the Lord to provide a way back into the villages

Thank you for praying for me and for Croatia as a whole!

God Bless,
Rebecca – Email    Blog


Vincent and Melissa Aniku – Midigo, Uganda

Praise Report:
-They were able to get all the cancer! I still have some blood work pending to check to make sure there is no hereditary cancer markers, then I will be in the clear! God is so good!!!!

Prayer Requests:
1, Please continue to pray as the boys and I are stateside away from Vincent, the kids and home. Especially during holidays! We are blessed we FaceTime often.

2. Please pray for the addition of the wall and for the final land title to go through smoothly.

3. Please continue to pray for the football/soccer out reach team.

Thank you all so very much for your prayers and love for us!

God Bless you,
Vincent and Melissa – Email   Blog

Brian and Jill Kanyike – Kampala, Uganda

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for her appointments to go well and for her thyroid to be healed.

2. Please also pray for her eyes they have been swollen and Dr wants her to see an optomologist.

3. Pray for Brian as he is back in Uganda doing ministry. And putting things in order before he travels back again in Nov.

4. Pray for Jill and kids as they are in states alone till Brian gets back. Pray they’ll get lots of school accomplished and have fun.

5. Pray for everyone that is helping out both in Uganda and on the stateside.

6. Please continue to pray for provision to cover tickets, travel and Dr expenses while they are in USA.

Thank you for praying for the Kanyike family and for the ministry in Uganda.

God bless you,
Brian, Jill, Luke, Laylee and Liana – Email   Blog

Dave and Twinkle Zavala – Nairobi, Kenya

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray that the Lord’s hedge of protection over Mama Lucy and her house as she was robbed last week.

2. Please pray that K would return to the Lord.

3. Please pray that God would give the Zavalas wisdom and guidance with the various ministries of Calvary Chapel Nairobi.

Thank you!

Dave and Twinkle Zavala – Bianca & Sophia Zavala  –  Email   Blog

HisKids – Joe and Lisa Horner – S. Sudan, Uganda and Haiti

Prayer Requests:
This has been a difficult month for the HisKids team.  We have had ups and downs.  Some of you might know that we have been trying to save a young boy named Jean in Haiti.  He is dying because  he has a problem with his heart.  He needs surgery immediately.  I put my hand on his chest in October and his heart was beating like he just ran a mile and his heart was so enlarged it was thumping my hand every time it took a beat.  His surgery has been paid for and we hope will take place in the Cayman Islands.  We just have to get him to the Dominican Republic (DR) to get a heart cath. to make sure he can survive the surgery.  Donors from Church Project and Hiskids stepped up to the plate, and we raised $2000; thank you. Our team, including New Life Mission was ready to leave.  Then riots erupted in Haiti, and the DR closed the boarder until Dec  3rd. Jean’s life is back on hold.

Many of you might be surprised by my outlook on Jean’s life.  I take it personally.  God taught me when I lived in the refugee camp in Uganda that any life is as valuable as my child’s life, and I should act with the same sense of urgency as I would if my child’s life was on the line.  Yes, that emotion is difficult to manage.  I cry a lot.  Even now. My heart breaks for Jean and his family.

It is with this heart that I am asking for you to pray for Jean.  Pray that we can save his life.  Thank you.

Thank you for faithfully praying for us!

Joe Horner
HisKids Director
832-484-2647 Cell

Matthew and Noelle Harris – Gulu, Uganda

Hello! Thank you for keeping us on your minds and for praying for us:)

Praise Reports:
-Praise God: -We all recovered from Malaria! -The first class of pastors has started through the epistles!

-The second class of pastors has only 1 book left in the Pentateuch!

-God has given us most of the funds as a ministry to remodel our clinic!

Prayer Requests:
1. That we we walk in a close relationship with Jesus.

2. That we would be filled with the Holy Spirit to bring light to those around us.

3. That God would continue illuminating the Scriptures to our pastors.

4. For us to have wisdom as we raise and disciple our children.

Thank you all so much,
Matt, Noelle, Emma, Madeline and Noah! – Email  Blog

North and Central America

Tim Pappas – California, USA

Prayer Requests:
1.Please pray that I would clearly hear Gods voice during this time as I am specifically challenged in areas of trust, obedience, and clarity of my calling.

2. Please pray for my sister Maria ( The Lord knows the issues)

3. Please pray that I would continue to have an attitude of gratitude in all situations.

Thanks for praying!

God bless,
Tim –  Email    Blog

Gary and Tina Barrow – Victorville, California

Prayer Requests:
1. Tina has been having chest pains for over a year now. Recently, the medication she has been taking was increased to the maximum dose due to increased chest pain and left arm pain. The doctor decided to order another echocardiogram along with an angiogram. Please pray that the doctor would have wisdom to know why she has been experiencing the pain and discomfort. Pray that the Lord would heal her either miraculously or through the doctors and medication. Either way is fine with us.

2. Tina’s vision has also been deteriorating for years. We were never in a place before as missionaries to take care of it. We need now to look into getting her eye surgery to correct her vision. Please pray that we can find a good doctor and that the Lord would provide.

3. The classes at CCBC South Asia started on November 15. The 16 week semester will continue through March. The classes offered this semester are: Ezra & Nehemiah, 1 & 2 Samuel, The Gospel of Luke, The book of Acts, The book of Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Practical Christian Ministry, and Old Testament Survey II (Psalm – Malachi) and Evening Chapel. Please pray for the semester, the students and for the teachings. Pray that God would speak through the teachers, to speak into the lives of each of the students. That God’s hand would be upon each of the students and that He would raise these students up to reach the unreached in South Asia and beyond.

4. Please pray for our family, for our marriage, for our boys, our daughter and son-in-law, and grandson. This Christmas we are all going to be able to be together, along with our unofficially adopted son from Germany. We’re really excited to be reunited for the holidays and excited to be together.

We welcome your prayers and thank you for praying. Please fill free to pray for us whatever and for whatever the Lord would place on your heart. We appreciate your willingness to pray for us, our family and the ministry He has entrusted to us.

I pray God blesses you as you stand in the gap for us.

God bless,
Gary and Tina Barrow – Email  Blog

Mike and Sarah Vincent – Rosarito, Mexico

Praise Reports
-Two new 2nd generation church plants this past year! (Meaning they are our granddaughter churches and for CCSG they are their GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER churches!

-God’s faithfulness to our family, church, and ministry!

Prayer Requests:
1. That God would provide the funds to complete our sanctuary expansion and new patio!

2. That we would do a better job plugging in those that profess faith for the first time!

3. Provision for our family on the mission field of Mexico!

4. For the 3 new church plants we have planned for next year! (Oaxaca City, Campeche, and San Luis Colorado)

Thank you for your prayers!

Con mucho amor de Mexico, (with much love from Mexico)

Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel – Email  Blog

Joel and Amy Garcia – California, USA

Thank you so much for your faithful support and prayer!

Praise Report:
-Praise God He answered our prayers for a larger living space! We are moving into a house with Joel’s sister in the beginning of December. Please pray that God provides for our financial needs, as the cost of living will rise for us and we are currently in need of much more monthly financial support.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please continue to pray for a smooth pregnancy for Amy, as she has been experiencing a some minor health issues during it. This has made taking care of the other children and prepping for the move more strenuous.

2. Please pray for Joel’s upcoming trip to South America, that the Lord would take care of all the details of this trip.

3. Please pray for the kids to continue to grow in the Lord, to develop a passion and hunger for Christ reigning supreme in their hearts and lives.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and please let us know how we can pray for you as well!

In Christ,
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, and Jude  –  Email   Blog

Jana Sandbulte – Indiana, USA

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for complete healing for my mom and sister, Jerri-Ann.

2. Please pray for my family and me to know and follow God’s will in every area of our lives.

3. Please pray for the SGWM Pastors in South Asia and that I would be an encouragement and blessing to them.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

God bless you,
Paul, Jana and Sari, Kaylee, and Rose – Email    Blog

Deanna Jevas – Tijuana, Mexico

Prayer Requests:
1. I need prayer for physical healing. I have so many things going on right now, a lot of arthritis under my right kneecap due to major surgery from back in 1985. I would love a knee replacement but I think I’m too young! I don’t want to take pills! I also have food issues, I just don’t feel well most of the time, with heavy fatigue and feet pain!

2. For leadership skills that I so lack! I need WISDOM from the Lord! I just want to serve him, but it can be so difficult with so many different personalities and so forth. Just wish that we can all love everyone where they are at in their walk, not where they should be, as Jesus does with us!

3. For an explosion of the Holy Spirit here at CC Pedregales and for growth in our church with more adults and children attending and giving their lives over to Jesus without reserve, or embarrassment of what others may think.

God bless you

Thank you for your prayers for me and the children and people of Tijuana!

Serving Jesus always,
Deanna – Email   Blog


Cory and Danielle Kilgus – Trujillo, Peru

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the seeds of the Word to hit good soil as we had 14 people go through level 1 of the Inductive Bible Study Method with Pastor Carlos Casco this week.

2. Also, pray for the 12 people being baptized on Nov. 18th. That they would grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord Jesus and bear much fruit!

Thank you!
Cory, Danielle, Abigail and Noah – Email  Blog

John and Natalia Gunderson – Cajamarca, Peru

Prayer Requests:
1. Safety and health, something we pray about constantly and we want to continue in praying for this.

2. As we leave the mission here of Peru, we pray that everything will go smoothly in California. During this time we are away we pray for the church to continue in growth spiritually.

3. For my wife’s paperwork regarding her citizenship status. That we can apply now for her citizenship and be able to apply for the two year permit that will allow us to be here without having to go back every 6 months.

4. Prayer support and financial support raising.

5. For the leadership of our church to be strong and wise in decision making. To find a future location for the church as we will look to rent in a different place.

Thank you so much for your time praying for us. Thank you for helping us. We really appreciate it.

May the Lord bless you!

John, Natalia, Alejandro and Emily – Email  Blog

The Buescher Family – Cajamarca, Peru

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the last few weeks of the semester, we finish out November 16. So many of the students that we have really grown to love are going to be graduating and transitioning to the various things God has called them to. It is always a beautiful thing, but also a hint of sadness to see them go.

2. Pray for us as we try and get packed and organized for our trip to the states. We will be traveling for two months, and with five kids in tow, that’s never a simple thing.

3. Pray that God would open doors for us to meet with lots of people while stateside and to strengthen relationships with ministry partners.

Thank you!

God Bless you,
Romeo, Jessica, Eva, Romeo, Anya and Avalina – Email  Blog

Brad and Melissa Miller – Amazon Jungle, Brazil

Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice!  Phil 4:4

Prayer Requests:
1. The Apurina people, both in Vila Nova and in Aldeia Nova where we are planting a church. Pray for the leaders of each congregation, the new believers, and the leadership of the villages.

2. Our planning and preparations for the next 6 months which includes the following. Our monthly trips to the villages and the teaching and preaching associated with this. A small group from the U.S. in February.  A possible trip to the U.S. to visit our supporters in March.  Another group from the U.S. in July.  The construction of the church building in Aldeia Nova in July.

3. Our family. Brad’s lessons and vision. Melissa’s lessons with home school and with the women of the villages.  Andrea, our eldest daughter, Junior, our eldest son and his family, Josiah, Veronica and Benjamin.

God bless you and keep you in Christ,
Brad and Melissa and Family – Email  Blog

South Asia

P.M. and V.M. – South Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for the Bible school students that they would grow in their love and knowledge of the Lord.

2. Pray for their families, that they would withstand all the trial and persecutions.

3. Pray for the need of property for the Pastors School.

4. Pray for God’s wisdom and strength to teach.

5. Pray for our need for a motorcycle.

Thank you so much for partnering with us through your prayers.

God bless,
P.M. and V.M. – Email

Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona – Nepal

Praise Report:
-Praise God for the graduates (Majhiya and Raju) in Nepal that we were able to celebrate and send back to their villages this week to continue the ministry.

-Praise God for the visiting pastors from throughout the USA that came to be part of the graduation this week and serve together with us.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for those the graduates as they return to their villages and start bible studies / plant churches. Pray for a fruitful time of sharing the Gospel, teaching the Word and for favor with the people.

2. Pray for the upcoming medical outreach team that we will be hosting in various village in late November. Pray for good health, open hearts, no issues getting supplies into the country, and a great time serving Jesus together.

3. Pray for our family to remain healthy as this past month we have all struggled with various sickness.

4. Pray for the student recruitment visits that will take place over the next two months in South Asia that those going out to share about the various bible colleges would be well received and God would orchestrate the exact men and women He desires to be trained up in the Word.

Bond, Heather and Breanna Gaona – Email  Blog

Anand and Usha Choudhary – South Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. This past month, God granted me the opportunity to teach on the radio, which is broadcasting to 5 million people in the Kathmandu Valley. Please pray that as the teaching of the Word of God is broadcast, lives would be transformed and many would come to know Jesus personally.

2. Please pray for Calvary Chapel Pastoral Training School in Kathmandu for the Student that they may grow in love with God and the people around their Society.

3. Please Pray for Calvary Chapel Pastoral Training School in Kathmandu for bigger Building with Good facilities for the student in coming days as student are growing.

4. Please pray for the young people in our community to whom we are discipling that they may grow in Christ.

5. Please pray for me and my family for good health and strength so that we can serve God continually in His power and strength.

6. Please pray for new believer in our Bible study that they may grow and God may give us wisdom and knowledge to lead them.

7. Please pray for the Radio program, through that many soul may saved.

8. Please pray for upcoming semester of our Bible School that God may brought student who had the heart for the ministry.

Thank you for your prayers and support

God bless,
Anand,  Usha and family – Email

A.G. and J.G. – South Asia

Praise Report:
-Praise the Lord we’ve sent two men back to their villages to plant churches. God is so great and He is pouring out His Spirit on His servants in Nepal.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for Gods clear direction for us as our ministry is growing.

2. Also pray for our graduates that are returning back to their villages, and that God would grant them a vision for reaching the lost.

Grace & Peace,
A and J –  Email

D.K.  – South Asia

Prayer Request:
1. Last Friday, two of our brothers were baptized. Please pray for these brothers to continue to grow spiritually.

2. Please continue to pray for our ministry and the believers in our churches.

3. We conduct three days of fasting and prayer in our church, from Friday to Sunday. Please pray for the time to be blessed.

Thank you!

God bless,
D.K. and family – Blog

Darryl and Kayo Record – Cambodia

Thank you so much for your prayers.  God has been giving us amazing breakthroughs and carrying us through difficult trials here in Cambodia.

Praise Report:
-Praising God for Darryl’s rapid recovery from severe back pain related to scoliosis and a possible injury from carrying a 5 gallon drinking water tank.  God provided a skilled physiotherapist from Germany in addition to the orthopedic doctor from Thailand.  Darryl has been able to return to normal activities in less than three weeks.  He continues to do stretching and strengthening exercises.  Please pray for the finances needed to offset our nearly $1,000 in medical bills in October and November ($750 of which will not be covered by insurance and the rest, we are not sure about).

-Praising God for the opportunity to run into Mr. Savun, Darryl’s former supervisor at the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) from 2000-2003 and 2007-2009 at a local restaurant. Darryl had lost contact with Mr. Savun, and most of his other former co-workers at RULE in 2012 when his phone was stolen.  Darryl and two other Christian men from the USA were able to talk to Savun and his brother (a retired aircraft engineer) about the evidence for God and Creation, especially God and creation.  Darryl was able to share a copy of his book, Christianity: Reasons for Faith (the only bilingual English/Cambodian apologetics book ever written) and two issues of Light Times Magazine, in which Darryl had written an article on the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ and on scientific facts in the Bible.  Darryl plans to return to visit RULE again on November 26 and will meet more administrators and will share his book with them.

-Praising God for the opportunity for Darryl to share Christian Apologetics materials with pastors and church leaders in/from Pakistan and China. Please pray that these materials will be contextualized to the target cultures, translated into the target languages, and distributed broadly, despite government opposition.  Darryl has also been able to share a lot of English and Cambodian language materials with missionaries and pastors in Cambodia.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for strength and wisdom for Kayo as she continues to balance the needs of her Japanese Life Group Ministry, in which she is helping to coordinate counseling and care (both in Cambodia and in Japan) for a Japanese Christian family, in which the husband, a factory manager, had a nervous breakdown and had to return to Japan for care after quitting his job. The wife and two young children are here in Cambodia until they can find a place to live, schooling, and employment for the wife back in Japan. Kayo is also very active in Precious Women Ministry, which evangelizes and retrains Cambodian women who work in nightclubs and are vulnerable to sexual exploitation to find Christ and new careers.  Kayo is also busy with the international church worship team and an outreach Christmas choir.

2. Please pray for our financial needs. We praise God that we are no longer in an urgent financial emergency, due to the medical bills for Darryl’s mom who passed away the end of September, however, we do have some significant financial needs which make our ministries more vulnerable, especially during a season when our ministries are really taking off. For more information please read the final section of our latest blog at

Thanks for praying!

In Christ’s Hands,
Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin  – Email   Blog

Nadeem and Farah Massey – Pakistan

Prayer Requests:
1. I want to request all of you to pray; there was a man at my office Monday from intelligence, and he was asking many questions about my connection with the American church and the support that we get through them. I pray that things remain good and there may not be any complications. He was making it questionable that we receive aid in his words from America and they want to investigate.

2. Please pray for Mr. Arif, an important member of our team. He is suffering from Diabetes and now his both eyes are affected by cataract. We need your prayers and support for his surgery in few weeks and to help him get good needed diet.

3. As the year is ending, we will need to pay the house and office rent for the year 2019, we want to request you to pray for the financial support of $2500 to pay our house/office rent for next year.

4. We are also in need of $1500 to get my book “Christian Apologetics” in Urdu language to be printed. Please keep this need also in prayer.

5. Just like last year we wish to arrange a Christmas party for the “Brickmakers” we want to bless them with some food supplies and warm clothes. Please pray for provision and support as Holy Spirit guides.

In Christ Jesus,
Nadeem , Farah and family – Email   Blog

R.M. (1) – South Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. That I may continue to be used by God.

2. That I may be a good example and leader to the youth I am working with.

3. For the current students who are at the Bible School, that they may really grow and make use of this time they have here.

4. For more students next semester, as right now we are trying to find more people who are really wanting to know God more and are willing to serve Him

Thank you for praying for me!

God bless,
R.M. (1) – Blog

S.B and A. B. – South Asia

Praise Report:
-Thanks for all your prayers. F. and J. received their OCI Cards.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for A’s OCI card (permanent residency).

2. Pray for my green card work process to be completed this month so we can come to states as a family.

3. Please pray for our health and safety

Thank you for your prayers!

S and A and family – Email

P.K. – South Asia

Praise Report:
-Some new believers last month got baptized! It is such an awesome thing that they committed to do that, and I am honored to be with them.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for those who have been baptized. Pray that they will continue to fellowship with God and stand strong in their faith.

2. Pray for my health, which is not well. I have stomach pain.

3. God has opened so many doors for me; please pray for God’s strength in my life, that I would disciple them all.

4. Pray for my motorbike. My old bike is getting a lot of problems, so I am praying for a new bike, that would make it easy for me to reach many more villages without any difficulty. God is our provider.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support

God bless you,
P.K  – Blog

R.K. – South Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please continue to pray for my ministry in our village.

2. Please pray for my family, that they will grow more in Christ.

3. Please pray that God will use me for His glory.

Thank you!

God bless you,
Pastor R.K.  – Blog

L. B. – South Asia

Praise Reports:
-By Gods grace God enabled me to go to central part of country and do some outreach and student recruitment meetings. Thanks for all your prayers

Prayer Requests:
1. I just returned from Northern part of country and in this month December am travelling to central part with one of our students.

2. Pray for my health

3. Pray for my family and the ministry

L.B. – Blog

S.K. – South Asia

Praise Report:
-Praise the Lord! Thank you for remembering me in your prayers.

Prayer Requests:
1. I am planning to go to a new village. Pray that God may prepare the people there.

2. Some new people have started to come to my church fellowship. Pray that God will change their hearts, that they may believe in Jesus.

3. Please pray for the believers in my village, that they may grow strong.

4. Pray for those new people who come to my church. They ask many, many questions. Some of them, I am able to answer, while others I am not. Pray that God will give me wisdom.

5. Please pray for my mother, because her health is not good.

Thank you for all of your prayers!

God bless you,
Pastor S.K.  – Blog

R.M. (2) – South Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our safety; we are planning to give baptism some more believers!

2. Please pray for us, as we are planning to reach more unreached villages with the Gospel. We plan to show the Jesus film before Christmas!

3. Please continue to pray for the judge who is handling the false police case against my parents. Pray that God will change his heart and that he will free us from both false charges!

4. Please continue to pray for the financial needs for our Christmas lunch!

5.Please continue to pray for our 5 house churches and for the believers to stand in every kind of persecution.

Thanks for your prayers and partnership for the Gospel!

God bless you
R.M. (2) – Blog

R.K.(2)  – South Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our outreach to the flood victims. Praise God! Already, people have been saved and are attending church through it!

2. Please pray for our campus development work to continue to go well.

3. I have recently been teaching about Jonathan and David’s friendship, and have been reminded of the blessings of the friends I have had in my leadership and in you. Please pray that the Lord will help me as I study and teach His Word.

Thank you,
R.K. (2) – Blog

J.E. – South Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Continue to pray for the Catholic families who are a part of our fellowship.

2. Pray for our evangelistic efforts in two new areas.

3. Pray for God send more workers.

4. Pray for my physical health

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers!

God bless you,
J.E. – Blog

W.J.  –  South Asia

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for me as I teach God’s Word.

2. Please pray that I will be able to fulfill all of my responsibilities in a way that glorifies God most.

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless you,
W.J. – Blog

Milan Pariyar – Nepal

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for our fellowship of believers, that they would grow strong in the word, and that we would have many opportunities to share the Gospel with others.

2. Please also pray for a medical outreach we will be hosting at the end of November in our church.

3. Pray that as many sick people come, we would also be able to minister to the spiritually.

Thank you.

God bless,
Milan – Blog

Prakash and Muna Pariyar  – Nepal

Praise Reports:
-Praise God for the opportunity to have Pastors and Leaders Conference and Outreach in the Eastern part of Nepal last month with Pastor Jerry’ team

-Praise God for the opportunity to serve in the Leprosy colony with Pastor Jerry’s team.

-We are thankful to God that tow of our students graduated from our Calvary Chapel Pastors Training & School of Ministry.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the new comer students for next semester of Calvary Chapel Pastors Training & School of Ministry 2019.

2. Please pray for the new building for the Calvary Chapel Pastors Training & School of Ministry.

Thank you for your prayers!

God Bless,
Prakash and Muna – Blog

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” – Hebrews 13:3


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