Ciorani Kids Outreach

 P1110608Hello everyone! These last couple months have been really great. We are sorry for not writing sooner. We just had our summer children’s outreach in Ciorani and it was a great blessing! I wanted to take some time and let you know how it went! For some reason there is a server error for editing our website but we’ll post this update along with a lot more pictures. So do check our website within the next week.

Kid’s Outreach in Ciorani

   This year for our kid’s outreach we are focusing of Jesus’ seven I AM statements in John. In our 4 day outreach we covered “I am the Bread of Life”, “I am the Light of the world”, “I am the good Shepherd(and the door)”, and on Sunday we concluded with “I am the vine”. The rest of the I AM statements we are going to continue throughout the next few Sunday’s for Children’s Church. We had a good group of kids come out this year with about 35- 40 kids coming each day. We saw a lot of familiar faces from last years outreach and also some new faces. It was so good to get to reconnect with a lot of these kids and to share with them the truth and love of Jesus Christ. We had great opportunities to share with the kids about who Jesus is and the importance of accepting Him. In our group we had a good time where we were able to sit the kids down and share with them that it’s not about being apart of a certain church but that it’s all about knowing Jesus and following Him in their lives. The Lord knows their hearts and I believe that He was and is at work in many of their lives. Pray for the work that God is doing in these kids.

 photo (21)  This year we had a lot of help with our kids outreach. Our good friend Jackie from California is here with us now and will be here to help until sometime in September. We also had a friend from Florida whose family is planning on moving to Romania, come for a visit. It was Tasha’s first time in Romania and it was such a bless to have her here with us and involved with the kids program. Along with Jackie and Tasha we also had a four person team from Ireland come to help out with the outreach. They were a great help and a good friend of ours, Andrea led the group. It was so great to see her again. Looking at the team in total it was amazing to see God’s heart for these kids in Ciorani. He brought people literally from all over to world to use in reaching out to the kids here.

Pray for Valeni

   We are also planning on having a similar kids outreach here in Valeni soon. Our plan was to have the outreach in Valeni first but there has been an outbreak of Hepatitis A in the area where we meet. Please pray for the families effected by this virus. A lot of the children have been in the hospital because of it. It’s like having a flu for 3-6 weeks and a lot of people are keeping their kids home because of the illness. At the moment we aren’t doing kids and youth meetings because we don’t want to be responsible for spreading it further. So please keep this whole situation in your prayers. We need wisdom as to when and how we do meetings in Valeni at the moment. The virus has spoiled some of our plans already but it has also opened up good opportunities to reach out to others in the community who have been effected by it. It’s been good getting to visit with people in the hospital and brighten up their days(Steve even got an opportunity to show a movie on the wall).

   I also wanted to give you an update on a couple of other things other than our kids outreaches. Late last month I finished my TEFL(teaching English as a foreign language) course and did a good job with my finals. I just got my certificate in the mail today! I’m really excited to see how God will use this in the near future! Pray for direction with that! It’s good to have the course all finished.

  photo (19) As well this August we have the Pastor and his wife from Hanover Germany coming to visit us. He came to Romania this past May with a team to build a new church fence in Ciorani. During his visit he told us that a member of the church wanted to give us his car! Recently we had been looking at cars and trying to calculate the total cost of owning a car in Romania. We concluded to just give it to the Lord and agreed that He would provide the means for it when the time was right. When we heard that someone wanted to give us their car we were blown away. When he told us that it was a Skoda Fabia; I laughed. It was a Skoda Fabia that was given to us by a friend when we lived in Ireland. We really liked that car and were sad to see it go. It’s funny how God works like that! So in August the Pastor(Jorg) and his wife will be driving it down from Germany for us. It’s a huge blessing for us(to say the least) and will be extremely useful in our frequent trips to Ciorani.

   To conclude, Ruth and I are doing really well. The Lord continues to grow us closer together and closer to Himself. We ask that the Lord would give us His wisdom and an ear to hear when He calls us to something.

   We love you all so much and are very thankful for all of our friends around the world who are praying for us and supporting us here. We think and pray for you often. Please email us anytime! We would love to hear about the things God is doing in your lives!

In Christ,

Aden and Ruth Knepper