Certification Update!

Praise God! To our advantage, the new laws created to regulate orphanages in Nothern Baja have created an overwhelming workload for the agencies implimenting them. April 17th was the deadline to complete our certification and be inspected. That day came and went without any visit or call. Our director, Miguel Rivera, spoke with DIF and found out that they still have 30 other orphanages to inspect.

Although we had completed most of the requirements, it is nice to have the extra time to pick away at the incidentals that won’t fail us, but they will tell us need to be done. We did have a lot of help in March, but our staff numbers waned again in April. The next couple of months will see some turnover in staff as some new ones come and others depart. We will also be enjoying the beginning of the Summer groups season as we come to the end of May.

We always feel the challenge to weigh and balance the burdens of requirements, limited abilities, and the knowledge that God is not sitting in heaven worrying about how its all going to work out.

“It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.”- Acts 1:7

It’s an old lesson and test that I seem to be put through over and over again. It was a lesson the Lord spoke directly to me my first summer and the Mission in ’95. That was another season of low staff and we were trying to finish building the girl’s house. I was feeling the burden that I had learned while working in the world… we have a job to do, and we have to get it done fast. But one day while laying block on the house and feeling the burden, I heard my Father in heaven speak a clear and calming word to my soul, “I’m not in a hurry.”

Every time I see our Father in heaven come through, and every new time I keep reminding myself of ALL the many ways we have seen Him prove Himself. Yet, every single new test I feel this twinge of, “What if this time is different?” Regardless, He always is sovereign.

Maybe also its like testing in school. Every time we go through one test we move on to a harder one. By the end of a school year, if we were to go back and repeat the first one we did, it would seem easy. The only difference is, with these tests I often fail, but God ALWAYS passes, proving Himself again, and again, and again. PRAISE BE TO THE ALMIGHTY, MOST HIGH!

The way that I always perspective I always get the most excited about is, maybe it just doesn’t matter, because maybe He’s about to come and take us home and all these burdens don’t even exist in His future.

Still, we keep moving forward with what God has enabled us to do and avoid fretting about what we can’t get done each day. But, if it is just a matter of asking,

…You have not because you ask not… James 2:4

we are praying and putting out invitations for anyone you might know who is looking for an opportunity to serve the Lord for any length of time. There is no fee for staying at the Mission (we’ll even be generous with our oatmeal and beans and rice :)). Anybody that is interested in what is going on at the Mission or the many ways to be involved can visit www.one27foundation.org for more information. Please pray for us because

“The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.” -Matthew 9:37

But we praise God daily for privilege of getting to see His mighty presence around us, with us, and in us. We thank Him for slow governments, and the time extensions He knows we could use. And we thank Him for the connection and support we receive from you all.