Busy But Blessed

The past three months of 2016 have been quite busy! We have already hosted 4 teams and we have several more coming in the next few months. Each team so far has had a unique gift and talent to help us and bless the people here.

CCWG Team #1

Pankaj’s heart has always been to teach and equip the youth in Kathmandu. When we heard there was a team of young adults coming from CC WestGrove, we knew it would be the perfect chance to host some youth conferences while they were here.

The first conference we held was in Kathmandu and the theme was “The Journey Continues – A Walk Through the Book of Acts”. We had a great turn out of around 200 youth for the two-day conference. It was great to see the team of young adults from the States ministering to their peers in Kathmandu.

After the Kathmandu conference, the team joined forces with the Salvation Worship Team to host an outreach / 15 year anniversary concert for Salvation Worship Ministries (the ministry we oversee). There were close to 900 people in attendance and everyone we talked with said it was one of the most fun concerts they have been to for a long time.

We had a few special songs performed by the Salvation Young Adults Worship Team, then worship by the CC WestGrove Worship Team, a special dance by one of the WestGrove team members, followed by a powerful gospel message given by another young adult on the WestGrove team, and then the Salvation Worship Team closed out the night with an awesome time of worship and praise.


The next day, the team packed up their bags and hopped on a bus and headed to a city called Pokhara (7 hours west from Kathmandu). There, they hosted a one-day, youth conference with the theme called “Essentials”. It was amazing to see how many people came to learn. There was a total of 300 people in attendance and the team had a blast getting to know everyone during their time there.

1933919_10206552996558063_3942294217583146404_nThis team was a huge blessing to us and it was great to serve with a group of such passionate young adults.

CCWG & CC South Jersey Team #2

Just two, short weeks after the young adults team from CC WestGrove left, another team of 7 people from WestGrove and 10 people from CC South Jersey came to serve with us!

This team focussed on construction and demolition projects as well as spending time with and encouraging the locals in surrounding villages and us missionaries, here in Nepal.


They spent three days in a village called Sikree and helped demolish a house that was damaged in last year’s earthquake. When they were back in Kathmandu, they were able to complete several small construction projects on campus, including helping make our courtyard look more beautiful by re-paving and putting tiles on the ground outside the church entrance.

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We were also blessed by one of the members of the team who is a professional photographer and had amazing family portraits done during their time here.


Chinese Bible Church of San Diego

This was another great group of people that we had the privilege to host and get to know! It was a mixture of young and old and their main focus was medical camps and youth outreaches. Out of the 16 people, there was a dentist, pediatrician, optometrist, general practitioner, and a pharmacist.

They hosted 2 medical camps in Kathmandu during the first part of their trip, but most of their time in Nepal was spent in a village about 4 hours away from Kathmandu where they hosted a 3-day medical camp and VBS for the kids in the village.


CC Fluvanna

We are just finishing up our time with a 10 person team from Calvary Chapel Fluvanna, Virginia. During their time here, they were able to do several children’s outreaches and helped demolish a house in a near by village that was damaged in last year’s earthquake.

IMG_20160309_122258 IMG_20160306_150120







There is also a nurse on the team so she has been able to do follow up appointments with our students that had been seen by the doctors on the previous trip. She was also able to teach a CPR class and basic health and hygiene class to our students at the bible college.

They will head back to Virginia on Friday, March 11 and then we will have a few weeks of “rest” until the next team from CC San Juan Capistrano comes out!

School of Worship

Classes for the School of Worship have officially begun!! Pankaj is meeting privately with his current worship ministry leaders and reviewing the basics of worship and training them first so that they can help once the school is open to the public.

Please keep these classes in your prayers and for the preparation that is going into each class for the upcoming semesters.

Summer in America

We are very excited to announce that we will be traveling to the States for a two-month, furlough this summer! The dates of our trip are May 24 – July 28.

The purpose of this trip is to not only visit with family and friends and to introduce Levi to everyone, but also to update supporters and churches on all the God has been doing in Nepal and through our ministries.

We have several speaking opportunities lined up at different churches, but we would love to have the chance to share with more churches and small groups. If you or anyone you know would be interested to have us share with your church, small groups, youth groups, etc, please let us know so we can put it on our calendar.

A major need and prayer request that we have for our time in the States is a car to use. We would need something that is easy to get a car seat and stroller in and out of and preferably an automatic since Tonielle doesn’t no how to drive a stick shift.


Finally, we are amazed and humbled by the work of our awesome God through us here in Nepal. Thank you to all of our family and friends for your prayer support and financial support. We are excited to spend time with each of you soon!


  • Good health for the whole family.
  • Continued provision for our ministries.
  • Wisdom for running the ministries.
  • Protection for our family, Nepal ministry partners, and students.
  • Strong, bible believing churches to be planted in and around Nepal.
  • Monthly financial partners to help pay for the school/church facility rent.
  • Planning and preparing for our trip to America – traveling for the first time with a baby!
  • A car for our time in the States.

Pankaj, Tonielle, and Levi