Broniste Update Oct

The Life & Ministry of the Broniste Family


All For His Glory

“Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” Col 3:17

Ministry News: Reaching the World For Christ!

Dear Family & Friends,

With each passing new season, Saving Grace World Missions is constantly changing and expanding to help reach the world for Christ! It is exciting to learn about the different hearts and passions of the new missionaries that come on board with Saving Grace World Missions. Recently two new missionary families were added to the Saving Grace World Missions family!

First I would like to introduce you to the Record family who are serving in Cambodia!

God called them to be long-term missionaries in Cambodia, to focus on developing multi-media resources that clearly proclaim the Truth of God’s Word. They were originally sent out by Calvary Chapel La Mirada in 2004. They will continue to serve with Saving Grace World Missions in Cambodia. We are excited that they are apart of our family! If you would like to know more about their ministry, please go to

The heart of the of Saving Grace World Missions staff is to see people raised up for Christ, sharing the gospel where they live. This has already been happening in many parts of Africa and Asia where churches are starting to form. Many of these are far “in the bush” or high in mountainous regions far away from cities where the people can attend church. So one of the things that we have had a burden for is to see these new pastors get the discipleship and training they need to be able to rightly teach the word of God.

God has raised up another amazing couple, Bond & Heather Gaona, who would like to take on the challenge of discipling and training these native pastors so they can effectively teach the people in their area.

Their plan is to minister in several countries each year by spending approximately 3 months in each location. In 2012, the tentative schedule will be India (winter/spring), Uganda/Sudan (summer) and Nepal (fall). Much like the missionary journeys of Paul in the bible, we feel that spending extended periods of time in different locations each year will allow them to be the most effective for the ministry God is calling them to. To learn more about their ministry, please go to

It’s exciting to see how God is growing SGWM and moving in the world reaching people for Christ!

Personal News: Blessings from Above! by cindy

One of the things I have wrestled over the past 3 years since I since I transitioned from staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, is what is God doing with my life?? When I was on staff, it was easy to see what God was doing or how He was using me. Since that time I have wrestled with whether or not I am really making a difference for His kingdom. I have also struggled with the loss of friends and financial supporters, only having one car, not having the things we need, etc.

We’ve been praying for a second car for three years now. It is difficult for me to be dependant on others for rides to things all the time. I can borrow our car but its hard driving back and forth especially with a toddler. Because its been so difficult it makes me question what God is doing and does He know how hard it is?

Still God does provide in His own way and we both are very thankful. For example recently the LORD provided me the opportunity to rent a much bigger place for the same amount of rent, something only He could do. So with Chris’ encouragement. I stepped out in faith to apply to rent the new place. The LORD totally opened the door and moved in the lady’s heart to choose us over another wealthier applicant. Even when she met with us, she told us her gut told her to go with us. Obviously it was the LORD answering our prayer. He even provided the extra money we needed for a deposit and all the extra expenses. It was really amazing to watch. Even more amazing, a friend offered to buy us a brand new washer and dryer! WOW!!! I am humbled at all God did for us.

It gives me hope to know that someday God will provide another vehicle. It may not be my timing but His timing is perfect. In the end, I love when God shows up as if to say “look what I can do.” I may not always feel like I am making an impact for His kingdom, but seeing His provision give me hope that I am being lead by Him. I can trust in His plans for my life and know that as long as I follow Him He will be leading our little family.

Thank you for your love and support!

In Christ, Chris & Cindy

Josiah’s Corner

Fun Facts:

I am 18 months old now!

I am learning to feed myself…it can be very messy at times!

I can say a few things…Momma, Dada, Juice, Please, I did it, I like it, Papa, baby, etc.

I love the slide!

I love to go outside!

I like to try and do things all by myself.

I am a big boy now and will soon be a big brother!



Please pray for a quick and free from complications labor and delivery of our new baby!

Pray for Cindy as she makes it through this last month of pregnancy.

Pray that we would trust the LORD to provide the things we need for the new baby like a Chest of Drawers, another Crib and a double stroller!

Praises & Prayer


Praise God for adding new missionaries to our ministry! Please pray for all the new missionaries that God would use them in a mighty way for His glory!

Praise the LORD for providing a new place with more space for our family!

Please pray for us as we await the arrival of baby Noah in the next 6 weeks. Pray for a smooth transition as a family and no complications with labor and delivery.

Pray for extra strength and energy for Cindy as she is getting really tired these days. She will continue to work from home and take care of our children.

Praise the LORD for the new washer & dryer that God provided for us!

Praise the LORD for proving us with gift cards for groceries! Please pray that God would continue to provide for all our needs and we would continue to trust in Him for that provision.

Please pray that God would provide us a second car. We know His timing is perfect.

Please pray for our family to stay healthy in the upcoming cold and flu season.