Broniste Update April-June


What God has been teaching us…

Cindy faithfully continues to work on the countless missionary updates and prayer requests that are sent to her through by the SGWM missionaries weekly. Cindy thought it would be nice if I (Chris) shared what God has been teaching us lately. I hope you enjoy it and are encouraged by what the Lord is doing and how He is using us to serve His kingdom.

I am often amazed at how much of life consists in those things which cannot be seen. Although modern science seeks relentlessly to confine life to the physical, material, and natural I find that life and the living of it daily constantly compels me to look instead to the immaterial, relational, and spiritual. And while the months leading up to this newsletter have been trying to say the least they have not been without their correction, instruction or blessing either.

Okay moving past the abstract and vague we come now to the specifics! As many of you already know Cindy has continued to serve faithfully at Saving Grace world Missions from our apt in order to take care of our little boy. And while it has proven to be difficult at times I have seen her grow in leaps and bounds in many different areas of her life including our marriage and the ministry, itself.

I myself recently relinquished the responsibility of meeting with the few college guys that I was in order for them to grow in the responsibility of meeting together to go through the word as a group themselves. While I do call them from time to time to see how it is going I have remained in the background for the most part. I have found they are capable young men full of promise and look forward to seeing them grow in the coming year. As for the deeper unseen things which I spoke of earlier, Cindy and I agree that most of what the Holy Spirit has been doing in our lives the past few months is cultivating in each us a lasting , practical and tangible character. Among other things we have been learning to serve without complaining, communicate without giving in to our flesh, raise our son without manipulation or laziness as well as cultivate meaningful sacrificial relationships with each other as well as with those around us.

And while it may seem easy to some I have personally found that the daily dependence on the Holy Spirit to cultivate these things in our lives according to the word as He wills is profoundly difficult. I have also found that it is very necessary for our growth and development as believers. By allowing the Holy Spirit to work on who I am as a person (not just what I do) I have seen a much need change in the way I view and treat believers and unbelievers alike. I think as American believers we tend to spend more time on the command to love God and much less on the command to love our neighbors as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us. When in reality they are two parts of one whole.

As I said we continue to learn that it is as important who you are when no one is looking as it is what you do when most people are. So while on the outside it may not seem that much has changed, in reality it has. And while on the whole that change is still a work in progress, it is our prayer that it will become much more apparent with each passing day what God has been doing in us to those around us and that it will become a desire in their hearts as well to the glory and praise of our God to the benefit of the body of Christ within and the world without.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us! Your love, support, and prayers have been a mighty work in our lives and without them we don’t know where we would be.

Love in Christ,

Chris, Cindy, Josiah & baby #2


Exciting News!!!

Cindy is pregnant again!! Our new addition is expected to arrive around Dec 2nd, 2011!!

*Please pray for her and this little one for their health and safety.

*Pray also for us, as we prepare for the adjustment of 2 little ones under 24 months.

*Pray for Josiah as he learns to share mom & dad with new baby.

*Pray that the LORD will lead and direct us about the future.

*Pray that God would provide us with a second car. It would be so helpful with 2 kids to have two cars. Thank you!

*Pray that God would provide for all our financial needs. With another baby there will be many new needs but we trust that God will provide!

*Pray that God would provide us a new place with a washer and dryer and more storage. We are very crowded now! !

Josiah’s Corner


  • I am 14 months old and can do lots of things.
  • I point when I want something.
  • I cruise around anything that I can that will let me stand.
  • I don’t walk yet and momma is impatient with that.
  • I am very active and don’t like to nap so much anymore.
  • I love eating anything mom and dad eat!

















(Pictures above: Josiah’s 1st birthday, Opening doors, mom thinks I am cute, smile, and me and my daddy on a walk!)