Broniste Chemo Update Treatment #4

Treatment #4 & it was business as usual as far as the actual treatment is concerned, well with one minor exception. The nurse had to repeatedly flush Cindy’s port because a blood clot had formed around it preventing them from administering the chemo right away. So it took an additional hour or so to clear it out but once they did they were able to finally proceed. And then it was business as usual.

As far Cindy’s white blood cell count, it is still low but slightly higher than last time, so neupogen shots are still a must. But Cindy continues to take it all in stride. Even dealing with the increasing side effects of her chemo she is still able to smile. And that smile still lights up a room.

As for our practical needs The Lord continues to provide through different saints and we are grateful for every last one of them. More than anything they are our streams in the desert. They are the ones who point us to Christ, and as I said before we are thankful for them.

As for prayer requests:
-The effects of chemo continue to worsen. So nausea is increasingly worse.
-The boys are still having trouble adjusting to the catalog of individuals who come in & out of our home either to provide meals or care for them. So they can use prayer for their emotions, esp. Josiah.
-As an introvert I continue to grow in my new role but I am desperately in need of spiritual & emotional rest these days: sweet moments w Christ alone is what I crave the most. And that’s hard to do.
-Financial needs are always a reality (both cars need work)
-Over all please pray for Cindy’s physical health, her emotions & her resolve to see this season through

And as always we both feel so privileged to experience the love of Christ in the prayers & support of our church families. A special thank you to those of you who cart our son Noah to his therapy. Thank you! We don’t know what we would do without you.

Lord bless you and keep you as you endeavor to know him & walk with Him

-Chris & Cindy