Bringing the Relentless Love of God to Japan

Beloved Family and Friends,

My name is Angie and I am a staff member for YWAM Tokyo. YWAM (Youth With A Mission) is a missionary organization that currently works in more than 1,100 locations in over 180 countries.

Japan contains one of the largest un-reached people groups in the world. In Japan, there is only one missionary for every 56,800 people. The suicide rate in Japan is one of the highest in the wold, reaching a near epidemic rate. 34,427 Japanese men and women took their own lives last year. Feelings of hopelessness and depression seem to cling onto the Japanese people.

Japan 2

In the 2012, I did my Discipleship Training School at the YWAM Tokyo base. This was my first time in Japan, and it was when I became passionate about sharing the Gospel and loving Japanese people. It was the first time I got to share in God’s dream for the nation.

Angela in group

In the summer of 2014, God released me to return to Tokyo, which is something I had been praying about even before I left Japan in 2012. Once I had been accepted as a staff member, I began dreaming for Japan again.


My desire is to see every person in Japan know the relentless love of God. I want to love them fearlessly, and let them know that there is immeasurable value to their lives. I want to be asking myself, what is God’s idea for Japan, and how is He going to bring it to life? The passion that God has given me is for bringing encouragement to the Japanese people, and to the Church. It encouragement to withstand the attacks of the enemy, and to remember the goodness of the Lord.

outside in Japan

Some of the ministries I will have the opportunity to be involved in are the homeless ministry, Friday night worship ministry, college campus ministry, ministry through media, and working with high school youth groups in the area. The base also opens up a meeting every week called The Living Room to bring everyone together for prayer and worship.

group pic

Along with this, the Lord has provided the amazing opportunity for me to partner with Saving Grace World Missions. SGWM provides assistance for missionaries to do the things they cannot do on their own. They will be helping me process my funds and communicate with my supporters while I am living in Japan. They will also be helping prepare me in the time before leaving with training and raising support.

With the visa complications arising, it is hard to determine how soon I will be in Tokyo. We are all praying for an expedited process, as it can take as little as eight weeks. For now, the priority is getting all the paperwork processed and finished, and beginning to raise up acceptable financial support. I hope to be in Japan as soon as the Lord wills. 

The goal for continual monthly support is $1,500. Right now I hope to be in Japan for at least two years. At the moment I have a confirmed $400 per month in financial support. We are praying that the Lord would raise up the Cheerful Givers who share in God’s desire to see that all people would be saved. 

I love you all, and thank you for partnering with me in this. 

In Christ,
Angela Simon