Brand-New Believers!

The person on the right accepted Jesus last week!

Greetings Everyone,

I am currently teaching from Acts in my church. This book is a blessing, showing how God opened the doors of the Gospel for the gentiles. And we find in the book of Acts that the Gospel is for everyone, and through the Gospel, everyone can receive salvation. God’s works are wonderful as He made a way for mankind to have salvation through Jesus Christ. No matter what tribe or cast people belong to, God is able to save everyone.


Praise Report!

Thank God that He is adding people to His kingdom! The Word of God is living and active and sharper than a double-edged sword. Last week, a young man named R. (above) gave his life to Christ!

   I thank God that He is using me for His glory here, and many people are being saved through the Gospel!

One year ago, I met a married couple here.

The person with the mask (who has TB) and the lady on the right are a couple who gave their lives to Jesus!

When I met them I shared the Gospel with them. They belong to a strict Hindu family. At that time, they rejected the Gospel that I presented to them. The reason was because they are involved in worshiping many different idols. They told me, “We do not need Jesus Christ, our gods are enough.” They got really mad at me and asked me to leave. After that, I met with them many times and had many conversations, as they used to talk about their gods and that gave me the opportunity to talk of Jesus.


This couple has been married for 10 years, but they do not have any children. They have done much idol worship to try to have a child, but it did not work, so they are very disappointed. The husband also got Tuberculosis about 2 months ago. One day, I went to his house to visit him. He, himself asked me to pray for him. He also asked me to give him the book that I read, that is the Bible.  I prayed for him and gave him a Bible. I told him that we meet on Sundays and invited him to come. He and his wife came to my church service, and after the service I presented the opportunity to them to give their lives to Christ if they wanted to, and they did! So I thank God that He prepares every person to receive the Gospel, and I was blessed to see how God worked in their lives.


Pastor P.K.

Prayer requests-

  • Please pray for the vision that I have for my place, that God may fulfill it, that I may meet many new people and share the Word of God with them.
  • I am planning to build a church building, so please pray that God will provide for all of the needs.
  • My motorcycle is now not working well, so I am planning to sell it and buy a new one because I have to drive long distances and this current motorcycle is not safe.
  • For my landlord; she is a Jehovah’s Witness. I have shared the Word with her many times. Pray that she may come to the truth.

    The man who accepted Jesus last week!

  • For all those who have believed in Jesus, that they may properly know God and may grow in their faith.
  • For the person who received Jesus recently, as he is suffering with tuberculosis. Pray that God may heal him.

    Thank you for your continue prayers and financial support!

    God bless you,