Blessed Time of Growth


BENDICIONES DE ROSARITO!!! April was a month filled with really exciting things for us down here in Rosarito. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet but some of you know that’s hard for me to do sometimes, especially when I’m super excited. 🙂

We were given the opportunity to share our church planting update on a Wednesday night after service and were so blessed to have people stay and hear all that the Lord is doing and how they can be praying for us as we prepare to go further south of the border. This was the first time Jon and Armando teamed up as speaker and translator. I was so blessed to sit and listen to them flow so naturally as a team. #teamoaxaca Jon shared our hearts for the people of Oaxaca and how the Lord has really buried this love in such a way that we can’t deny this is where He’s calling us to go.

We completed the Pillars class with Jonny and Noah by our sides. The purpose of us taking the class was to learn how to teach it in the future when we plant the church in Oaxaca, but it was also a huge blessing to sit and learn these things on a deeper level. The Pillars class is a 6 week class for those who have been at the church and are ready to start serving! The week after we finished, Jon was asked to start teaching one of the classes in each rotation. He taught the Devotions class. This is an exciting thing for him to be doing not only to be teaching the class, but also to be teaching it with Armando as his translator. #teamoaxaca

I have been asked to do a short teaching at a young women’s retreat in late July. What a blessing to be asked to do this but I’m also terrified. Haha! My favorite verse in the bible is Matthew 5:16 and that’s the theme of the retreat. Please keep me in prayer as I prepare to share some of my testimony and how the Lord can and will use ANYONE, no matter what their past is. I’m scared to death to speak in front of people but that’s something that the Church Planting Course has been helping me with. Still…please pray!

We are both enjoying going to the Men’s and Women’s Spanish bible studies each week. For me it’s such a huge blessing to be loved by these women, and to love them right back!!! Mondays are our long days and by 6:30 I don’t always feel like going to the bible study but EVERY SINGLE TIME I leave there feeling so full of love, and so excited for the next week.

Jonny and Noah are doing so well down here! They are almost done with 5th grade and have done so well with all of the transitions over this past year. They are ready for summer! They have some really sweet friends from our street and from church. Every evening is filled with boys in and out of the house, riding bikes, playing Nerf wars, and coming in for snacks and video games. Thank you for praying for them to adapt well, and please keep them in your prayers.

There’s so much more to tell, but I’ll go ahead and end here with prayer requests.


  • For a worship leader to go to Oaxaca with us to plant the church. Please pray for the Lord to place it on someone’s heart to go with us, possibly even another family
  • That we can figure what to do about our car. If we don’t have a nationalized car, we would have to drive across the border every 6 months and the closest border would be Guatemala. We are praying that we can get it nationalized but it’s sounding like it’ll be difficult. If we can’t, then we will want to sell our car and buy one in Mexico.
  • That we would meet our financial needs each month. We are at about 1/3 of what we would need long-term. The Lord always provides and we are so thankful to everyone who supports us financially and through prayer.


  • We are so grateful for all of these opportunities that the Lord is giving us while we’re down here building the team
  • Continuing to praise the Lord for Armando’s commitment to go with us for a year, and the fact that he’s truly becoming one of our family members. Such an answer to prayer!
  • Grateful that Jonny and Noah love it here but that they also feel that Oaxaca is where “home” is

Thank you all for reading this, supporting us, PRAYING for us and with us! We love you all so much.

Jon, Allison, Jonny, Noah Brechtel