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A man’s heart plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

As we’re adjusting to some recent changes this verse encourages our hearts and reminds us that God is continually in control and is by far the greatest guide!

In the beginning of August, the decision was made to close the Bible College because of too few students resulting in a lack of funds to keep the school running. This change was unexpected, however, through it we see God directing our steps and faithfully guiding us.

Even before moving to Costa Rica we’ve felt the call to church plant for some time now, we just weren’t sure on the when or where. When God brought us to Costa Rica to direct the Bible College we committed to 2 years, knowing that this was not a long-term calling. Around the beginning of this year, the burden of church planting once again began to surface in our hearts. San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is a specific place we began to think and pray about. In order to not let this short newsletter turn into a book, 😀 we’ll keep things somewhat brief.

One thing we do want to say is that although we loved what we did at the school, we have complete peace with these changes  because we know God is guiding our steps and answering our prayers through them. We are still unsure yet of many details, however, we are confident in His calling as well as the confirmation and encouragement we have received from others. With that, we will begin moving forward as the Lord instructs us as we seek Him on the next steps to take!

Our plan is to move to San Jose in the coming year and prayerfully begin ministering over there. For the meantime, we will remain in San Isidro  continuing to serve alongside the church, missionaries, and Pastor at Palabra Viva. During this time we are also seeking and praying for God to raise up other servants to fill those gaps in ministry when we leave.

Please be praying for us about all that we’ve mentioned. We plan on using this time as well to take some scouting trips to San Jose, (we live about 4 hours south of the capital). Pray that God will show us an exact location for us to live and serve over there, that we can begin making connections with the right people, and most of all that even now God would start to stir people’s hearts for the gospel!

Your prayers, encouragement, and support for us are sincerely a gift from God and we are so appreciative!

In Christ,

Chris, Rachel, and Jaime


Dressed Up for My Sisters’ Wedding


Chris teaching the Spanish Bible College Theology Class


Students in Chris’ Class


We got to visit Hassan and Stacy in Acapulco!