Alex Gray Update Dec

First of all I was going to write all of the things that I have been doing but I remembered something my dad said that God spoke to him when he was writing a résumé years ago. “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.” (2 Cor. 10:17). God has been blessing the school tremendously! This semester alone there are twenty-two new students. The amount of students we have is around fifty. God has given me the job of running the IT Department for the school. This job was a real stretch for me and involves keeping our internet running smoothly and troubleshooting problems with the student’s computers. It was different than a year ago when we were running on satellite internet which meant that we had slow internet and also we were limited to a small amount of daily data. Around March to May of this year God blessed us with faster Internet and an unlimited amount! We use the internet for several different things that includes better communication offsite by phone and email. Our bookkeeping and banking are done online. Additionally, like most colleges, a lot of the student’s research relies on having the internet. There are many good commentaries and other references in Spanish and English that we don’t have in our campus library that are accessible through the web. Also God has given our leaders the desire to have an online school completely in Spanish so I have also been put in charge of the filming and editing of the classes. We have eight online students enrolled this semester. Also we record all of our classes in case any of the students are sick or for study reference.

I have been here at the College for four and a half years now. It is awesome to see how much has changed. When I came and there were only two dorms and the staff members were living in the dorms too. Now there are four dorms and staff have their own housing. We’ve grown from around thirty people including staff to now around sixty including staff. It is amazing to see God filling this campus every semester.

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