Alex Gray Update April

Mid Semester Update

Me and Dad playing Foosball against some students It has reached the midpoint of the semester!!! I can’t believe how fast this semester is going by. We have around fifty students living on campus this semester. It has been a blessing to see students return and also meet new students. Some of the projects I have been working on this semester are, editing three classes that we a video record for our full credited online classes. I also am working on different design projects for our school. Such as, a shirt for the mission trip, and a banner for our orphanage. If you don’t know we are about two miles from the nearest civilization and we are using really slow satellite internet. So our plan is to use antennas to send high speed internet to our college. This is another project I am helping with. (Picture: Me and Dad playing Foosball against some students)

There were three awesome things that God showed me this first half of the semester. First was His provision for me here. At the beginning of February I didn’t have enough money to pay to live on campus (150 dollars). During this time I was also praying asking God if I was even supposed to be at the college working or should I have stayed in Florida but even praying this I still had faith that God would supply if He wanted me to stay). I had money coming from my tax refund but I didn’t know when it would even come in. So around the 21st I went into the accounting office to apologize for the length of time it was taking and Karen our accountant told me she had a surprise for me. She showed me my financial account and I not only had February paid for but I also had the full semester paid for by someone blessing me without my knowledge of it. So the awesome thing was not only did God show me how He will provide for me, He also showed me that this was where he wanted me to be. That same week someone offered me a little temporary job of crocheting beanies for babies. It has been an amazing thing to see God’s provision.

Secondly, the power of prayer and how we can intercede for someone. One night I had a dream of one of my friends here at the college walking away from God. So needless to say I woke up praying for that person and during my prayer I was reminded of another one of my friends who has walked away from God and so I then started praying for her as well. This happened on a Sunday morning and that same Sunday she came to church! It was just really awesome to see how God used a dream to wake me up and pray, then for this other friend to come to my mind and begin to pray for her!

The Holy Spirit class Lastly he showed me the need for the power of the Holy spirit, and the need for the Holy Spirit in the church today. Each semester we are allowed to take two classes and so I decided to take a block class (a 3 hours a day 5 days a week 2 week long class) on the Holy Spirit. It was an amazing class to take. I must be honest in saying that I had no knowledge on what the Holy Spirit truly was (besides knowing it was part of the trinity). So it was good to now know more of who the Holy Spirit is, what He does and how He empowers us. (Picture: The Holy Spirit class)

This summer I am praying about going on a mission trip from Ensenada to Mexico City. We will be stopping at various churches to help in what ever way we can. I am also planning taking my camera and documenting the trip. The cost for that trip is going to be around 400 dollars that includes food and travel. If you would like to help with that please give me an email at

Thank you for all your prayers and support. If you would like to pray for me but you don’t know exactly what to pray for, please look at my prayer request page.