Feeding God’s Sheep

Hello Friends,

I want to start by saying that I thank God from the bottom of my heart for being with me all the way, for never leaving me; for loving me.

Overseeing Construction Throughout the Campus

God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1)

   I can see, every day, the growing of Calvary Chapel Bible College in South Asia. I know that God has put me here with a purpose.
   These days, the Lord is using me to teach in our church Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. I am encouraged to see some of the local people starting to attend as well as our students and staff. Please pray that I teach God’s word faithfully and teach deeply.

   I continue to oversee construction throughout the campus. We will be starting a new phase of work in the coming months which is very exciting. Please pray that God would give me wisdom as I oversee the workers and for opportunities to share the love of God with the workers as I spend time with them.

This photo is of my friend who attended the conference. He sent me this picture of his church and is praying he can be trained to teach in Calvary Chapel’s style.

Back in June, the Lord helped me to bring many of my friends across the nation for a Pastor’s conference. They were really encouraged by the Word and I have received many phone calls, even months later, saying they love the way we teach Gods word (verse by verse, chapter by chapter).
   Please pray for these Pastors, who desire to work with us and teach in the style of Calvary Chapel. I am praying about how I can go and train these pastors so that they learn this style of teaching.
 I want to share with you one quote I love, but the author is unknown to me:
“It is better to have God approve than the world applaud”
Prayer Requests:
1) Please pray for me and my wonderful wife to have good health and strength for our daily tasks.
2) Please pray for the Lord’s healing of my back. I have been having ongoing back pain for many months now.
3) Please pray for my travels as I am planning to visit some churches across the country. I will be sharing about Calvary Chapel, our style of teaching and about our Bible School. Pray that the Lord would help me teach the Word verse by verse so that everyone can understand how we teach in the school. Pray also for the Lord to put students in my path who desire to study His word. The main focus will be to help recruit students.
Thanks to everyone for your prayer support and financial support.
The Lord Bless You!
   Pastor L.B.