Spring is Coming to Valeni

On March 1st spring officially started here in Romania. The weather has been warming up and we have had some really beautiful days. Both Ruth and I are glad to have the winter months behind us. I don’t like winter very much. Though I love the snow, winter is often depressing and limits what we’re able to do.

Here in Valeni we don’t have a building to meet in and do activities. In the Summer we meet outside. It’s always a big question in the winter where we are meeting for church or for youth Bible study. This winter we’ve been rotating meeting in different houses of people in the church. Though it might not sound very ideal it has been an encouraging thing to see people eager to open their houses up to meet in. Also through this rotation there have been quite a few families who have started to be a part of the fellowship again.

Within the culture that we live and serve in there is a lot of family loyalty. This can be a wonderful thing but from our experience it has shown to be often destructive and cause a hindrance in what God wants to do here. Family sticks together and takes care of each other but when there are problems between families it can cause relationships even within the church to become cold and divisive. With that said being able to go from family to family has communicated an important truth, we are a family and the church is not “so and so’s church” but it is for everyone… there are no families better than others. We meet together in Christ as one. Please pray against the attacks of the enemy that will try to hinder what has been going on these last few months.

Since I mentioned that we as a church do not have a building, I think it would be good to let you know that we as a church are eagerly on the look out for possible places to buy. In the past we’ve wanted to build on the land that we own but we are now looking to find a house that will meet our needs. Please be praying that the Lord would give us all wisdom and direction as we as a church enter this exciting time.

The end of April will mark 2 years of us being in Romania together. It has been very challenging at times for both of us. It was especially hard for me starting out not knowing Romanian but I’ve grown in my understanding of the language a lot. We continue to want to be a support to the churches here and to minister to the kids and teenagers. We have been thinking a lot about what else the Lord would have us to be doing here in Valeni. There are needs all over the place and it would be easy to busy ourselves but we want to be busy with what God has for us. Pray for us in the direction of ministry here in Valeni. We trust the Lord with what He has planned for us. For now we are here and we will look to Him for our strength in the work that He’s set before us.

Thank you for your continual support! Please feel free to email us anytime as it is an
encouragement to hear from our friends and family. We love you and pray for you all often.

In Christ

-Aden and Ruth Knepper